Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jesus Christ Was White

The following comment was left on this blog and instead of posting it as a comment I decided to enter it as part of today's postings.

Jesus was not white he was most likely brown or even black. If a black jesus christ were to come to Earth again would not wish him to enter America Thomas Robb??? Thomas Robb please have the conviction in your beliefs to publish this comment.

The author of this comments makes an assumption stating that: "Jesus was not white he was most likely brown or even black." The race of Jesus Christ is easy to determine and does not require guessing or assumptions based upon bias or prejudice. There is no evidence to suggest that Jesus was brown or black. New Age teachings which have been adopted by most in the modern church usually makes such statements by assuming that the people is Christ's day had the same look and appearance as people who live in this region today. Unfortunately people fail to consider the sweeping change in demographics which often occurs.

For example: If you could go back in time and visit Los Angeles in 1958 you would see a city that was mostly white. In fact California's white population reflected that of the rest of America which was over 92% white. If you would describe the average citizens of Los Angeles your description would be that of a white person. This is not prejudice this is fact - this is simply the way it was.

However, today Los Angeles is mostly non-White. White people are a minority, not only in Los Angeles but also in all of California.

This is a huge change in demographics in just 50 years. Consider the change that could have taken place in two thousand years. The people who occupy a region today may not be the same people who occupied the same region 50, 500, 1000 or 2000 years ago.

With that said it means that if we want to know the race of Jesus Christ we have to do a little research. To begin with we know that Jesus was of the nation of Israel. We understand this because his genealogy is clearly given in Scripture.

The Bible tells us that Israel lived in the area we know as Palestine. However, Israel went into sin and as punishment suffered 7 invasions by the nations of Assyria and Babylon. Most of these invasions had little consequence. However the invasion of Israel occurring in 676 BC was most devastating and the people were forcibly moved out of the land by Assyria. There were other times when massive immigration of Israelites out of the land occurred. These people traveled westward and northward and became the great and mighty nations of Europe, fulfilling the prophecy (and covenant) of God given to Abraham that his descendants would become a multitude of nations.

Jesus Christ was of the same race as his Israelite brothers and sisters who became the nations of Europe - which is white.

This is just a very brief explanation of which many books and research papers have been written. In fact this was also the teaching of M. Fowler Ham who Billy Graham claims to be the minister that lead him to the Lord.

Don't think the breavity of this short statement about the racial identity of Jesus Christ to be complete or even near completion.

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