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Again - Jesus Was White!

The person who posted the comment yesterday (Proud Citizen) which I entered as part of my post replied and I am going to publish his reply here. The issue was around the contention that many make that Jesus was white. This is an historical accuracy as certain as claiming that George Washington was white.

"Mr Thomas Robb please let me start by thanking you for addressing my question. You have obviously put a lot of thought into your response and this is appreciated.For the most part I agree with what you have wrote. Demographics have changed in the region in a similar way to those in your Los Angeles example where white people are now unfortunately in the minority.If you however look at this from a purely secular biological standpoint there can be no conclusive evidence for Jesus being white, brown, black, yellow or green.The region at the time of Jesus’ birth and in the short period before it witnessed waves of immigration from all over the Middle East and Africa. Coupled with forced conversions to Judaism the ethnic make up of the indigenous Jewish population would have altered.Many if not the majority of established researchers tend to portray Jesus as Olive skinned as were the majority of people from the Levant region at the time as this is the most statistically probable ethnicity of Jesus.However to say with certainty based on scientific evidence that Jesus was white, black or olive skinned is impossible and any assertion that he is definitely of white origin is not based on scientific fact. We can agree that both our statements about the racial identity of Jesus Christ are not complete. Thomas Robb I once again thank you for your reasoned response to my question and anticipate this comment being published so as to give readers both sides of the argument. "

This poster fails to understand what I said yesterday. The race of Jesus Christ is easily determined by looking at his genealogy which is given in Scripture. There is no doubt that he was of the family of Israel. Israel was descended from the Adamic race as the reading of Matthew 1 clearly shows.

I am aware that there is sweeping misunderstand on the issues of race in the Bible and the identity of Israel. I am doing a series on Sunday mornings titled, "Race-Mixing" Scriptures of the Bible Correctly Understood. I have placed quotation marks around Race-Mixing because actually there are no race-mixing scriptures in the Bible. Only scriptures not understood.

Jesus Christ was of the family of Israel and they descended from Adam. The word Adam means to show blood in the face, to be rosy or to blush. This is clearly an indication of white people.

I am aware of the universally accepted teaching that Adam was the father of all races. But this is held in contention and I dealt with this in length in my December 14th sermon which you can listen to if you click here Pastor Thomas Robb 12-14-08 .

Also we have to keep in mind that God made many promises to Abraham and Sarah within the unconditional covenant he made with them.

Israel was deep in sin and God punished them for their wickedness. To state once again, Israel (the 10-tribed northern kingdom and the 2 tribed southern kingdom) underwent 7 invasions most of which caused little harm. But the invasion of 676 BC (of the northern kingdom) was most severe and the people of Israel were broken and removed from the land. A few years later the southern kingdom (585 BC) was uprooted and destroyed upon the invasion by Babylon.

I have written on this before and in a recent issue of The Torch (published by Thomas Robb Ministries ( I wrote:

"The account of these invasions is important if we are going to follow our BLOOD TRAIL. Remember, these are your ancestors. Except for the kind of clothing you are wearing, they looked no different than your son, daughter, husband or wife.
With the destruction of the government of Judah, the people of Israel, as a nation, were totally destroyed. The northern ten-tribed Kingdom of Israel and the southern two-tribed Kingdom of Judah no longer existed and their vast populations were removed from the land through forced migration.
Years later a small remnant of about 43,000 people returned in an attempt to rebuild the kingdom. But the vast majority never again set foot in the old land. This was an immense number.
The northern nation of Israel had a population of about 11 million people and the southern nation of Judah had a population of about 2 million. That is 13 million people. They didn’t just fall off the end of the world. They went somewhere!

The fact is that these people settled in Europe. Their migrations into Europe was brought about by God. The whole of Europe is not as vast as we sometimes like to imagine. For example, the distance from Rome, Italy to London, England is only about 800 miles or about the same distance from St. Louis to Denver. Upon the continent, Israel developed into many nations as was told in the covenant God made to Abraham and Sarah, that being they would be the progenitors of many nations, Gen 12 and Gen 17. There are many other indicators which correctly identify the European people (white people) as the descendants of the nation of Israel and consequently descended from Abraham.

If what I am saying is true, and I believe it is, this would mean simply that the Israel people were white people. If Jesus was a member of that race (by physical birth), as his genealogy certainly shows, it could only mean that he was, by physical birth - white!

Many volumes have been written about this subject.

While there may be many who have never heard of our racial identity with Israel before the fact is that it was widely taught a mere 100 years ago before the advent of modernism and the racial reconciliation cult.

More on this subject can be studied by going to and checking out the books that are located here,

I appreciate the interest of the author of the comment (Proud Citizen), which brought about these entries the last couple of days, however, I am going to let this issue rest for now and move on to other things.

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