Monday, December 22, 2008

It Does Matter - That is Why There is this Genealogy Thing in the Bible

Several people presented comments (which I did not post) regarding how foolish I was for making the claim that Jesus was white. Yet it is people with this very same mindset which like to make unfounded claims that Jesus was brown and looked like a typical middle eastern person. They may even add that it doesn't matter if He was white, black, blue or green. I was simply presenting the evidence that Jesus did in fact inherit (by the very nature of physical birth) a racial identity. This racial identity was extremely important and is the reason the Bible takes time to firmly establish this by giving his genealogy.

I am aware that there are many who are entangled in the new age multi-racial cult and will simply not comprehend what I am saying. But I also know that there are good, honest Christian people who have not forsaken the faith of our forefathers who are willing to listen and learn.

There is a clear reason why the genealogy of Christ was given and that was to establish his legal and lawful authority as redeemer and messiah. According to the law given to Israel, if a person was to lose his property through some misfortune he could redeem it. However if he was unable to redeem it then a near of kin could redeem it - not a stranger, but only a near kinsman. This is known as the law of kinsman redeemer.

Israel (The white race - see yesterday's blog) had "sold" themselves by sin to Satan. They could not redeem themselves, no matter how hard they attempted to live righteous lives, they were still sinful creatures. Because we could never redeem ourselves through good works, we needed a redeemer. Jesus Christ was that redeemer and he had the lawful authority to purchase our redemption because he was our kinsman. His genealogy clearly established that!
Here is what one person wrote:

What difference does it make what color Jesus Christ was???? This is so stupid! This is the God's only Son who came down from Heaven so that those who believe in Him may be saved! Jesus endured pain and suffering and died for you so that you may be saved and all you are worried about is what color He was. You are an idiot!

As I stated above there is much attention in the Scriptures dealing with the linage of Christ. If what the person saying above is true, that the race of Jesus Christ means nothing, then why all the fuss. Jesus Christ could just as well been born as a Australian Bushman, in a grass hut to a Pigmy or on the banks of the Amazon River.

There is actually a dual story line throughout the Bible. It deals with the nation of Israel and God's love and protection for his people (again read yesterdays blog or this statement won't make sense) and then it wraps this around the coming of the Messiah and the redemption of these people. This is what connects genealogy, race, redemption and kinsman redeemer together.

One person said that Jesus never favored one race over another. I am sure this person is simply repeating what he or she has heard, but the statement is not Biblically accurate. The New Covenant was clearly given to Israel. Read Hebrews 8. Also read, Matt 10, Matt 15, Luke 2:68-74, Hebrew 6:13-20. There are many other verses also, but I will throw in two more, Psalms 147:19-20, Deut 7. Well, here's another Amos 3:2.

"Somebody stop me!" Matt 1:21, Romans 9:1-5. In fact over 200 times in the Bible, God is identified as the God of Israel (the white race - yes! you need to read yesterday's blog). This does not even count the times he is called the King of Israel, the Salvation of Israel, the Father of Israel, the Redeemer of Israel etc.

The One World Church is powerfully deceptive and it is no wonder that so many people today are traveling down the wide road toward integration and miscegenation.

I gotta run. I am sure that I have said enough to make some people mad at me and others perhaps willing to study the Scriptures a little more.


Proud Citizen11 said...

As the instigator of this recent debate surrounding the ethnicity of Jesus I would like to thank Thomas Robb for clarifying his position and views.

Whilst I may not agree with everything said the author presented his views without bile or hatred and attempted to back those views up with apparent evidence. Again thank you for taking the time.

Nordic2005 said...

Logic alone, in my opinion, supports Pastor Robb.

The Scriptures clearly teach that the world society is and will be led by the 'prince of this world' -- the Evil One -- and will go wildly astray in the last days.

ERGO: Whatever 'progressive' way the world adopts in these last days must be away from Christ's kingdom -- it must be rebellion against the Lord. This is true in the areas of religion and world politics above all else. (That is, telephones and personal computers are not religious objects, so this is not about technology.)

The most conspicuous political and religious change that has taken place in my lifetime is the introduction of forced integration and the resultant miscegenation on a scale never before achieved in world history.

Since this 'way' is clearly the way of the world today, it can logically only fit in with 'the broad way to destruction' spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is unthinkable, logically speaking, that the world-system would be moving en masse toward God's laws and His righteousness at the end of this Age. This goes against the grain of Christ's teaching on the last days.
[Also, if today's 'enlightened' way were righteous, would not the people be more righteous than ever before? Yet corruption and crime and cultural degradation abound more than ever.]

So, logically, whatever the worldly system commits itself to with passion and determination must be rebellion against God.

God spoke His mind on the subject here in Genesis:

The LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”

My interpretation here is that God was alarmed or displeased when he spoke (shown in the action He took afterward) and that He meant that their purpose could easily be evil and wicked in uniting against Him, in a One World System.

In the following verses and chapters, the Lord physically separates the peoples — ultimately into 70 distinct nations, with distinct languages and cultures.

[As a footnote: When Ross Perot was running for President some time ago, he spoke to a black group. When he addressed them in all kindness as 'You people,' they were appalled and indignant and yelled back: "We are all ONE PEOPLE." This is the exact language used in the Bible here in Genesis. (Perot could not, for the life of him, even guess at what the ruckus was about.)]

Anonymous said...

Integration is a false religion. Think about it. It has its preachers: for example, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Johnny Lee Clary. It has a god: Nurse Martin Luther King. Or is it Dr.? I forget. It has a messiah: Obama. For example, say something negative to anyone of these racial reconcilers about Nurse King and you will be looked upon with disgust! Even though it may be true. You will be looked upon as a blasphemer! Try this. Tell that homo Johnny Lee Clary about King's infidelity or that he accepted money from communists. I guarantee he won't talk to you about it or he will say it is not that big of an issue. I know I emailed him and mentioned it to him. But anyway it is a church. The goal of the church is NEVER to bring about racial equality. No. No. No. Just the opposite. Their goal is to find racism whereever they can. Why? Because if you have such a thing as equality you do not need them anymore. Bye bye $$$. Just goes to show what false religion integration is.

Anonymous said...

Anon Dec 23. While I agree that some of these racial reconcilers are in it for the money. And I agree with you on the doctor pun too. He never earned a degree in anything. But King was a man who fought for equality for all. He marched with with hundreds of whites might I remind you who shared in his "Dream". Remember no one is perfect and certainly not Martin Luther King. So what, I am sure there are things you regret doing too. Even your hero Hitler had many bad points too.