Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jewish Hate Organization Looses Millions in Fraud Scheme

Elie Wiesel Foundation Loses
Everything to Madoff
December 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity lost more than $15 million -- nearly all of its assets -- in the alleged fraud scheme run by (Jewish) Wall Street baron Bernard Madoff, the fund said Wednesday.

"We are writing to inform you that the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity had 15.2 million dollars under management with Bernard Madoff Investment Securities," said the foundation, which aims to combat anti-Semitism, on its Web site.

"This represented substantially all of the foundation's assets," it said.
"We are deeply saddened and distressed that we, along with many others, have been the victims of what may be one of the largest investment frauds in history."

The statement added that the foundation "remains committed to carrying on the lifelong work of our founder, Elie Wiesel. We shall not be deterred from our mission to combat indifference, intolerance, and injustice around the world."

Wiesel, 80, a Nobel laureate and prolific author who survived the Holocaust, created the foundation two decades ago to foster international dialogue and youth programs to teach tolerance.

He is among dozens of wealthy Jews to have lost substantial amounts of money in Madoff's scheme.

Prosecutors say Madoff confessed to losing upwards of $50 billion over years of running a pyramid scheme, where new investors were secretly fleeced to pay returns to earlier investor
The 70-year-old former chairman of the Nasdaq stock market and a mainstay of the powerful American Jewish community is currently free on bail of 10 million dollars as police continue their probe.


Proud Citizen11 said...

Thomas Robb thanks for the update on The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity loosing its investments. You mention the organization as a Jewish hate organization, which as a Christian is shocking.

However in the interest of being unbiased you should mention a well-known Christian hate group who have recently lost money in the same investment scam, at the same time, spouting similar hatred. I am of course talking about the Westboro Baptist Church led by Pastor Fred Phelps.

If you mention a Jewish hate group loosing money in an investment and fail to mention a similar Christian hate group loosing money in the same investment you appear to be unbiased and some people may feel you neglect to tell the entire story.

So in case you missed this part of the news feel free to publish this factual comment free of hate, foul language or bias to give your readers both sides of the narrative.

Anonymous said...

I hope they go bankrupt. They are left-wing, liberal, organization anyway!

Anonymous said...

Bernard Madoff actually did some good then with his scam.

Jacob Masters said...

Somehow this whole ugly situation seems to perfectly describe a Jew. Is "jew" an adequate name for Madoff? I think so. I am however very skeptical that the money was ACTUALLY lost. I am sure that it will turn up again soon.