Friday, August 31, 2007


We are so busy getting ready for congress I haven't had time to write on my blog. Derek Black is here to broadcast congress on Stormfront Radio. This will be broadcast Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Just go to and click on the radio icon at the top left. It won't have as much fun as you would if you were here, but it will be great to listen to the speeches etc.

I want everyone to pray for Richard Hensley, our moderator on the members-only page as he is having some medical problems and won't be able to attend congress. Doctors told him absolutely no driving.

I am posting a picture of Derek Black standing in front of the Christian Revival Center. We have things ready to go and people are starting to arrive. He had his broadcasting equipment up and ready to send to Stormfront Radio.

The next picture in Anthony a photo journalist working for a German newspaper. He has been here before and always does a great job. He is shooting photos of Rachel Pendergraft and I while recording a segment for the Global Minority Report radio broadcast.

Monday I will be doing an interview with Yasuyuki Oguri a political reporter for Tokyo News.

I gotta go. I don't know if I will have time to post anything over the next two days as we will be in the middle of congress affairs. But check anyway as I may be able to post some pictures.

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Loree said...

This blog is beautifully organized. I'll pass the link on to my readers.

I am an older Christian woman who worries about the Jewish counterculture and what their values are doing to our wonderful country.