Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Captain James Cook

Tomorrow, August 22 marks the anniversary of when in 1770 Captain James Cook landed on the shores of Australia and claimed it for the King of England. Cook was an exceptional seaman, explorer and navigator. He was the first to map Newfoundland as well as the Saint Lawrence River. He also discovered the Hawaiian Islands. On his third voyage of exploration to the South Pacific he was killed in a fight with Hawaiian natives on February 14, 1779. He was 51 years old.
So tomorrow celebrate the life of another great White man.
Today was another busy day as is every Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I carry Charity and Shelby to all their music lessons which include Drums, guitar, violin and voice.
This evening Rachel and Scott Pendergraft as well as Charity and Shelby are at the Christian Revival Center working on their music and recording for their CD.
I will be working on my messages for congress. Congress schedules have been mailed to all those attending as well as directions for those who have not been here before.
Saturday evening at congress should be a lot of fun for everyone as we will doing old time folk dances on the veranda in front of the Revival Center.
I did an interview with Erin Hartness of WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina about 1:30 this afternoon. It seems someone had found a KKK contact card in the garden department of a Wal-Mart store.
Also I spoke with our attorney in North Carolina about 5pm. The Rhino Times is again talking about settling the case with us out of court. (click on Rhino Times label for more information) It is tempting, as all I would have to do is announce I am advising our members and supporters not to use old issue of The Rhino Times for distribution. (People will often take sections of old newspapers and wrap a Knights Party flyer around it and mass distribute them. This is perfectly legal) While this would be the easy way to get this legal action off our back, adversely it could cause other newspaper to then take legal action against us in the hope of getting the same agreement. I have spoken with reporters from other states and various newspapers around the country are watching how this plays out.
We could literally be drawn into legal action in every state of the country. I have been able to remain arrogant and strong in the face of this because of the faithful support we have received. As I told our attorney, "The Rhino Times thought we were uneducated hicks with no resources. They will be surprised because I will not back down to their intimidation. We might not have deep pockets, but we DO HAVE POCKETS and we have members and supporters that will provide the resource to fight this effort to shake us down."
I am hoping we won't have to go to court as our legal bills will begin to mount. The best thing for the Rhino Times to do is to drop their case. We have legal action against them here in Arkansas that is being handled by Jason and I told our attorney in N.C. that if they drop their case against us, we will drop our case against them.
Rhino Times is really in a tight spot as they are claiming loss of income and advertisers, therefore they will have to produce their financial records showing lost of revenue. I don't think they will want to do that.
I want to remind you that the ONLY reason I have been able to remain so bold in our defense is because we have had great support so far and I know that if we have to go to court I will be able to call on you again.
As it stands right now, Jason and I are to fly to Greensboro, North Carolina on October 4th to meet with a state appointed mediator. I will keep you posted.
Come to Congress!
Help in the distribution of The Crusader.
Pray for our nation

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