Monday, August 20, 2007

Nat Turner

Certainly not a great day in our history but tomorrow, August 21 marks the anniversary of the Nat Turner's slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia (1831). In his quick rapage 55 people were killed.
I went and bought some more supplies for congress as well as 200 feet of water line that I am going to lay so we can get water down to the main gate. We have flowers, shrubs etc and it hard dragging hoses to them every few days so they can be watered. I layed about 100 feet this afternoon and will finish it up on Wednesday.

I will be giving two messages at congress and I finished one last night titled, What Do You Want? Actually it will be my Sunday morning sermon. Sunday night my message is, I Want to Give You Hope!

Heritage Connection recorded two more songs today. But weren't happy with them. They sounded good to me, but they thought they could do better. I guess they are going to twek a few things and do it again tomorrow evening.
Charity and Shelby (Heritage Connection) sang at a home school gathering in Little Rock at the state capitol last spring. Here they are pictured in front of the Arkansas State Seal.
The CD they are recording has some of their own songs they have written. Together they sing, play drums, fiddle, piano and guitar.

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