Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1609 Delaware Bay explored by Henry Hudson

1609 Delaware Bay explored by Henry Hudson. Hudson was born in London on September 12th in the 1570's although the exact year of his birth is disputed. He died in 1611 when he, his teenage son and seven crewmen were overcome by a mutiny aboard his ship Discovery.

Hudson was on a quest to find a passage to the Pacific and made voyages both northeast in an attempt to travel over the top of Russia and northwest. In 1607 he sailed northeast through the Artic Ocean coming within 577 nautical miles south of the northpole but was forced to turn back. After abandoning the hope of a northeast passage he sought what was hoped to be a northwest passage. It was in 1609 that he made his discovery and exploration of the Delaware Bay.

Excitment is mounting for congress and we are looking to have a great time. I have a piture of David weed eating around the area. We appreciate the help that he, his wife Polly and Lynn S. did to get the area ready for congress.

The new CD from Heritage Connection will be available for congress. Also my new book, The Last Church is here from the printer and we will have it at congress also.

If you haven't made a final decision, it isn't too late. Come and enjoy the fellowship.

Derek Black will be here tomorrow and we will be broadcasting congress on Stormfront Radio.

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