Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yellow Journalism is . . . well . . . YELLOW!

Nashville Scene is one of those online "news" magazines that is only read by people who are bored with life, depressed about their looks and trying desperately to find something in their miserable worthless lives to feel good about. Unfortunately they can't find it in the Nashville Scene.

On October they posted an article about our White Christian Heritage Festival written by someone who is too embarrassed to put his name to it. Not that I can blame him (or her). With a need to write for a legitimate newspaper they ended up writing drivel for an online "newspaper" that deals in yellow journalism.

On October 18th they apparently sent a "reporter" to Pulaski to give an account of our festival. The "reporter" however never took the time to actually talk to me about the many issues we as American face.

Anyway if you want to read their article, click on the link below

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