Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Time for Simple Solutions

I have a friend who lost a son in the Afghan war. He was only 25 years old and was the "baby" of the family even though he was over 6 foot tall.

The family is heart-broken as you can well imagine. Why are our young men and women still dying in this war for Israel?

I know someone will say, we were attacked on 9/11, but that in itself did not justify our invasion of Iraq and it looks like we might yet go to war in Iran. I have no problem with efforts to capture Osama Ben Laden.

Sooner the better!

So hunt down Ben Laden and the effort and pursuit will have my blessings. But to take young kids away from them homes and ship them across the world to be used as cannon fodder to fight the enemies of the Jewish nation is not only wrong, but immoral as well.

I want to make sure you understand my words. I have no love for the agents of Islam and so my opposition to this war is not because I am siding with Muslims. No! my opposition to the war is because I believe it is a war orchestrated by Zionists from the U S, Israel and no doubt other nations. If Israel wants to defend its borders then it should do so without dragging our young men and women into their war.

If I were president (and that obviously will never happen) my foreign policy would be very simple and would be based on the words of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and country folk wisdom.

1) Friendly relations with all nations and entangling alliances with none - George Washington

2) Walk softly but carry a big stick - Theodore Roosevelt

3) Good fences make good neighbors - Country Folk wisdom

In other words my foreign policy would simply say, We will have friendly relations with all nations, however, we will not interfere into their internal affairs. This is based on the concept of old time country wisdom, Good fences make good neighbors. We have a fence around our nation and we will not tolerate any foreign nation involving itself into our internal affairs and we will likewise respect the fence which surround other nations. However,we will not tolerate any injury to our nation or to any of our citizens as they travel at home or abroad.

American young men and women should never be placed in harms way unless our national sovereignty is challenged or injured.

To make it even more simple my policy to the nations of the world. We will not mess with you and you better not mess with us or there will be hell to pay. With that said I would bring our troops home and put them on our border and dare illegals to attempt to put even one foot into our homeland.

After all, in our complex world it it time for simple solutions!

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ncknight said...

If only succeding generations had listened to President Washington. So much heartache and misery could have been avoided.