Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't They Get it! - Part 1 of 2

This could be the last real election! I don’t want to sound like a dooms day prophet . . .Oh wait a minute, yes I do!

So let me repeat myself, This could be the last real election! It should now be apparent to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Greta Van Susteren, and a host of other conservatives in radio, television and in the clergy that we were right all along. This is a race-war and we are losing.

There is a fundamental cultural difference between white Europeans, the founders of Western Civilization and Negroes, Asians, Arabs, Mexicans or those made up of a combination of any of the above. It is not a debate of right or wrong, good or bad but a recognition that a difference does exist.

From out of our people came Western Civilization and the ideals of self-government which include trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty, freedom of speech, press and faith. These and all other things you may name which has gone into the creation of this Republic and the general values of individual liberty which has been an identifying feature of our people are just that - the identifying feature of our people.

None of these principles have ever existed in what is generally considered "people of color." The reason these ideals has never existed in these people is because they are not natural to their spirit.

By nature Europeans (white people) think and act as individuals. It is sometimes called "rugged individualism." This is a strength but also a weakness in our nature. Non-White are by nature collectivists. They think and act like a colony. The individual has no worth - only the colony has value.

This is why Joe the Plummer, when asked by Alan Colmes on Hannity and Colmes why he is against Obama economic plan of spreading the wealth stated. "I don’t want their money. If someone worked harder and longer then I did then he should be able to keep the fruits of his labor. I don’t want his money."

This is individualism - it was the mandate of our Constitutional Republic. It was the principle of individualism and thus competition. But the collectivist sees it differently. Individualism and competition is bad, everyone must be a duplicate of another. The individual - the independent thinker is bad - he becomes a threat to the colony.

Tomorrow - Part 2

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What kind of idiot freak are you?
Have you taken drugs or were you beaten to often by your parents?

The world needs to be shamed for having you.