Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Interview

I did a radio interview a few weeks ago that broadcasts both live and on the internet. The station is located on the campus of Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia. I am posting an email I received from Aris Winger who conducted the interview. I thought you might enjoy it.


Mr. Robb has asked us to contact him when our interview with him was up on our website. He may find it here:


We express our deep gratitude to have had him on our show. He demonstrated many qualities that are not indicative of the stereotype that is associated with the group. He was well spoken, straightforward, and deeply honest. It was an honor to have had an honest conversation about these issues with an important individual like he is. Unfortunately, it is important to note that I am a Black man writing this. It is also important to note that my co-host, also a Black man, was even more impressed that I was. We look forward to speaking to Mr. Robb again in the future. There are still many discussion to have and many roads to travel before the issues of race can be resolved in a constructive manner. If there is anyway we may be of help to you, please let us know.

With Respect,

Dr. Aris Winger

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