Monday, October 20, 2008

Is This What is Coming?

I got a phone call the other day. Actually the message was left on the answering machine and was similar to several I have gotten the past few weeks. The call was from an African (-American) who was giggling about Obama's rise to power. It went like this, "Barack Obama is going to be president. He is going to rule. All you F---ing white people get ready to bow down before your black master - we are going to rule."

Is it true?


Anonymous said...

White America is being punished for its sins--even though not every White person was or is actively supporting the unrighteous 'system' that has developed. We Whites need to get on our knees in prayer, to ask God's forgiveness and deliverance.

Anonymous said...

With an antichrist jew pulling the strings of course. Same with GOP.

Pastor Mark Downey

Anonymous said...

God's remnant people in these end times will be those who keep his commandments.