Monday, October 20, 2008

White Christian Heritage Festival

The 22nd annual White Christian Heritage Festival was another great success with friend coming from many different states. We had many visitors at the festival. Local towns people along with tourists stooped by our many booths, bought a hot dog or a piece of pie from the refreshment stand or just sat a listened to Heritage Connection sing songs from their CD's.

Aryan Warrior continues to be the most requested.

We had a great Walk for White Pride after which I spoke to the assembled crowd. In the evening a few of our friend met for a small gathering at a local conference room and further enjoyed fellowship. Rachel Pendergraft gave an inspiring message based on the concept of Mud and Guts which examined the dedication of the American Revolutionary War soldier and how God brought the victory when all else seemed hopeless. Heritage Connection a few more songs and then I spoke on a subject titled Due Season and how all things are planned and fulfilled in due season included the eventual victory of our people.

Below I have a few photos from the White Christian Heritage Festival.

Charity and Shelby Pendergraft of Heritage Connection giving an interview with Lauken a reporter with Novus TV of Holland

Andrew Pendergraft made a few crafts which he brought to the festival.

Four kids from our White Pride Home School co-op in Harrison, Arkansas

Heritage Connection performing in front of the
Giles Country Courthouse

Here I am holding two children belonging to Brother Winkler from Pennsylvania

This is a photo of me being interviewed by Alexey Komdulukov of National TV from Moscow, Russia. During the day we also had reporters and did interviews with Titianna Lopez from Telecinco of Spain, Lauken of Novus TV from Holland, Paolo Pontoniere of Geo Magazine from Italy and Eric Holdenberg from the Apologetics Group based in Nashville.

Here I am speaking from the gazebo at the Giles Country Courthouse

Folks getting ready for the Walk for White Pride

Folks getting hot dogs, Bar-BQ etc from the refreshment stand

Heritage Connection

Walk for White Pride. Charity and Shelby carry the banner. Rachel Pendergraft and I are seen at the right

My wife, Muriel Robb getting the refreshments ready for hungry people

We took three vehicles to Pulaski from Harrison. The UHaul truck carried most of the items we need to set up including tents, tables, chairs, Coolers, food and a whole lot more. A second trailer pulled by the red van in the distance carried all the sound equipment.

Rachel Pendergraft speaking Saturday night at our private meeting.

Heritage Connection performing, Remember the Alamo which was popular with the Kingston Trio back in the 60's


Anonymous said...

"Pity you? God in Heaven, pity you? You must be insane. Even now when they have filled my blood with poison and charted my soul's flight to Chandra Sere. Pity you, is that what I came all this way? No, I wanted to see what they would do to you. I hoped they'd hang you."

Anonymous said...

This is the exact reason I AM moving to Tennessee!!