Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Am I Therefore Become Your Enemy Because I Tell You the Truth?

I know there are people who read this blog and claim I am a hateful person because I posted some things they don’t like.

And yet it is they who are hateful but they call their hate good. White people who think I am so terrible are those that actually hate their own race - their own people!

I know they don’t call it hate and perhaps are a little taken back at my suggestion.
So let me say it a little differently. They are indifferent to their own people. They really do not care if white children have a future or if they are swallowed up in a non-White flood.

Now those that oppose me and the message of White Nationalism (Gospel of the Kingdom as proclaimed by Jesus Christ - ok I know that is going to irk some of you. But a few of you will begin to understand) are the real haters.

I want my white brothers and sisters who oppose me to understand that I do not hate you. Even when you call me nasty names, I do not hate you! I only want the scales to fall from your eyes and see that loving your people is not a sin. I know you have been told that loving your people is sinful but it is not sinful and is a commandment given by Jesus Christ.

When there is danger does a loving person warn others or does he keep his mouth shut?

Our white children are facing danger and those who point their fingers at me in condemnation don’t care!

So here is a test to evaluate your level of love.

Over 37 thousand white women are sexually assaulted each year by black men.

Less then 10 black women are sexually assaulted each year by white men.

I am offering no proof on today’s blog. I will offer the proof on my next entry

Now I know some one will say that I am making this up. BUT I am not making it up and it is an established fact that you simply didn’t know.

Do I have a moral obligation to warn people?

So that is the question for you. Based on the above figures, am I a hateful person for warning people or would I be more of a hateful person for not warning people?


Anonymous said...

Put a suit and tie on it. Dress it up, make it look rich, call it love, you can disquise what it is but it is what it is. I am speaking of hate. No matter how you dress it up it is wrong! Blacks commit crimes so do whites. Blacks live in bad neighborhoods so do whites. There are some redneck neighborhoods I would not be caught dead in. Because I just might if I went there. Instead of pointing out everything that is wrong with the Blacks why not try to help them? Why not try to heal the division between us and them? You don't want that. Many blacks don't want that either. People like that are sepratists. You are the problem and blacks like you are the problem. Blacks who think like you and think you are right are the reason the black race is in the position it is in.

Anonymous said...

You failed to answer the question.
If there is a danger is more hateful to point out the danger or more hateful to keep silent.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Robb never said White people don't commit crimes. Where did you get that? He simply said that over 37,000 white women are sexually assaulted each year by black men and less than 10 black women are sexually assaulted each year by white men. I Think he (and we) have a moral obligation to warn our people. You are the one full of hate because you don't care!
You can talk about the love of Jesus, but Pastor Robb demonstrates it by being a faithful watchman.
It appears that the author of the post above has failed the test.

Anonymous said...

Ok you want an answer to the question. I think the t.v. news warns people enough of what goes on in black neighborhoods. Why do you have to point fingers and judge people just by the color of their skin? Do these stats mean that all blacks are murderers or rapists? No. Go lock yourself in your little house and be afraid of the world.

Anonymous said...

When you look at the black race one thing stands out. Hitler was right. Lincoln was wrong.

Jacob Masters said...

Help everyone? Far be it from me to say how things should work- but I think it would be better to fix ourselves (the white race) first and then try to help others. After all- Who can clear the mote from the eye of another, for the beam within their own eye?

Anonymous said...

If there is danger is it more hateful to point it out or more hateful to keep silent?

First of all the biggest danger in your life is this white supremacy kick you are on. Tell me can you tell your boss at work you are a KKK member? Can you tell the majority of the people around you without being shunned? People fear the KKK because they think of it as a mini-mafia. If you cross these people you will get killed or hurt. That is the perception I am not saying that is true. Anyway that is why, I feel many join the Klan, it brings fear into people. If people fear you you control them. Tell me what good the Klan has brought into your life. What good has it done for you? Do you think if I was in Congress and I told them I was a klansman that would be good for me? Johnny Lee Clary lost a job with the WWF because he admited to being in the klan. Pastor Robb says that he wants to get a more educated KKK. Do you really think you are going to get Ivy leaguers? Nobody from Havard is going to join because of the name. Yes there are bad black people. I will admit that. There are bad white people too but you do not see Robb saying anything about the bad whites do you? Pastor Robb, I would like to see his rebuttal on what I said. Tell me if I am wrong.


NCKnight said...

Why don't YOU go walk down any street in inner city Detroit, Memphis, or Washington DC just to name a few, and see how long you last, Mr. Kum Ba Yah? Go on - I dare you if you have the guts - which I doubt! It is brainwashed egalitarian boobs like yourself who are the REAL haters here - haters of your own people! Everything Pastor Robb has said is absolutely true and can be proven by statistics - look it up for yourself! Or would you rather keep on living in your stupid little dream world?

Anonymous said...

The division between the races is not a wound that requires healing. It is Nature's warning against living and breeding together.

To continue to exist as God created them, there needs to be a division between the races, just as there is a division between tigers and lions in the wilds.

It would be a great tragedy for all people to become coffee-colored blends of the two (or, really, many more) races.

The only thing we hate is the sin of race-suicide, and separation is the only preventive -- even Abe Lincoln said exactly that.

So, you're absolutely right, I'm a "separatist."

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and your KKK.

Anonymous said...

NCKnight I have! I am not a coward like you who is AFRAID of people because they look different than you. Have you passed out food baskets in black neighborhoods during the holidays? I have. Not every black is going to kill you! If you overcome your fear then maybe you will stop seeing people for the color of their skin and see what is truly inside them as a person. Maybe you will see the person you truly hate is yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler was right???? Now I truly believe you people are insane! Hitler was a madman who terrorized Europe and murdered many people. How can you say anything good about that man? By the way, if Hitler is your hero, you should know it was well rumored that he was bi-sexual. I seen it on the History Channel. What do you think of Hitler now?

NCKnight said...

So you have passed out food baskets in black neighborhoods during the holidays. Big Deal! Have you ever passed out food baskets in WHITE neighborhoods? Ever hear about charity beginning at home? Do you love blacks more than your own people? The evidence seems to indicate that. How sad.

Granted, there are some decent blacks (and other nonwhites) out there. I know that because I know some of them. With that said, you are missing my point. Just ask any police officer in any major city which race commits the most crimes in that city and I guarantee they will tell you blacks every time! That is not hatred, that is the truth!

As for your calling me a self-hating coward, that is just laughable. If I were that, I never would have joined the Knights in the first place. Belonging to ANY pro-White organization these days requires (among other things) a tremendous amount of courage. I am not bragging, it is just a fact. No, I am no coward, but unlike you, I am also no fool.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, because the beauty of the White Aryan Woman must not perish from the earth." - David Lane

Anonymous said...

NCKnight you are a coward! Big deal you are part of a white supremacy group. Whoa you are the bravest man alive. I bet if you told every one you would have blacks with baseball bats and guns and torches chasing you down right? Doubt it! As for the passing out the baskets. Yes poor whites could recieve them also and some did. So tell me what is your solution to all this? I would love to know. Because you people seem to complain yet you have no answers. By the way you quote David Lane? He was a criminal and nazi who died in prison. Great person to get philosphy from. You know a little psychiatry and following the REAL Jesus would do you wonders.

NCKnight said...

I have already addressed the issue of my intestinal fortitude. Please do not repeat yourself.

It seems you have now resorted to childish hysteria and personal ridicule. This is typical anti behavior when you know you cannot win logically.

My solution to all this is simple - WHITE CHRISTIAN REVIVAL! Pastor Robb explains it far more eloquently than I can - please click on this link: http://www.christianidentitychurch.net/our_mission.htm

David Lane was indeed "convicted" of several felonies and did pass away in prison. However, the so-called "evidence" against him was sketchy at best. In other words, he was railroaded. Also, he was never a Nazi.

I have had a personal relationship with Jesus - yes, the REAL Jesus, since I was 9 years old. I hope you know Him too.

Anonymous said...

Childish hysteria? Who is the one who is paranoid every black is going to rob or murder him? You are the one with hysteria. By the way I know Jesus Christ. I follow and pray to Him. I go to church. Christ is not a white nationalist! To say he is is blasphemy! Jesus loves everyone.

Anonymous said...

David Lane died in prison after being sentanced to 190 yrs. in prison for racketeering and was involved in the murder of Alan Berg. The Order a neo-nazi group decided to turn against the so-called Jewish controlled government. The Order plotted the murders of several people including Berg who was #2 on the list. So this is shaky evidence huh? KC why don't you think for yourself and not listen to these clowns? Research these people and find out what scum they really are. This info is off of wikipedia.org.

NCKnight said...

My sincere but misguided brother:

I am glad to hear that you are a Christian, albeit a badly Judaized one.

I never said that I believe every black is out to get me. I do not believe that and never have. What I did say was that Pastor Robb was telling the truth and that the numbers he quoted can be proven. Read his post for November 26. I also challenged you to ask any cop in any major city which race commits the most crimes in that city. That is not paranoia, that is presenting the facts!

Please don't believe everything you read. The government really IS controlled by Jews. Do the research and I believe you'll be shocked to find that a highly disproportionate number of them occupy positions of high power in the ZOG. They also control among other things, Hollywood and the mainstream media (including wikipedia.org) which is why you have such a distorted view of the WN movement in general and the Knights and Pastor Robb in particular. It is the Jews, and not the WN movement, who are the REAL enemy here! And please don't give me that garbage about Jesus being a Jew - He is not! What He is is an Israelite - as are you and I. The Jews are NOT Israel - the Aryan race is! WHITE POWER!

Anonymous said...

NCKnight you make me laugh. So all you said about Jews is true? Tell me if God hates Jews, then why the Jewish State of Israel then was attacked by Muslim countries several times and every time the Muslims lost? A couple of times they(Israel) were outnumbered but they still won. Jews are the chosen people of God. God will protect them. The enemy of God is Islam not Judaism. I like this paranoid thought of everyone who disagrees with you is a Jew. I bet you think I am Jew too huh? LOL Maybe I am watch your back! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jesus was Jewish! When Mary and Joseph lost him and found him in the temple, they were angry because left, He said He was safe in His Father's house. At that time there were no Christian Churches yet. So it must have been a Jewish temple huh?

Thomas said...

For the poster at 7:54 AM, 12/2/08

I understand your comments as I many of us used to think the same way. I am not posting my reply in an effort to cause you to change your mind. But there are many others who are open minded, who seek understanding and are willing to let God work in their lives.
I am gong to make some statments with no effort to offer proof or evidence. Those who want it can certainly have it presented to them.
1) Jesus was of the family of Judah.
2) There were 12 familes in the nation of Israel.
3) Present day Jews are imposters and are racially descended from the Khazars and have no relationship to Israel.
4) Israel was to be respresented bt a multitude of nations
5) The Jewish nation of Israeli is only one nation, not are there any other Jewish nations.
6) The Israel nation (God's chosen people) were to be demonstrate praise to God.
7) The Jewish nation of Israeli is anti-Christian
8) The white nations is where you find the heart and pulse of Christianity.
9) The white nations comprise a multitude of nations. They are Christian and they show forth the praises of God.
10) Jewish writers claim that modern Judaism has its origin among the Pharisees.
11) White people and the white nations are the people that the world hates and unit against.
12) The enemies of the white race (Israel) are the enemies of God.
13) Israel (the whtie race) is being punished today because we have sinned and not followed the commandment to" 1) Love your God and 2) Love your people!

Anonymous said...

You see this is why people don't take you seriously. When you spout off about how Jews are the enemy and they control everything, blah, blah, blah. Tell me, who are these people who are in control? Can you name any names at all? Who are the Jews in control of the government? Who are the Jews that control big business? Who are the Jews that control wikipedia.org? LOL I will let you guys in on a little secret. There is something out there called Prozac and it will do you wonders believe me. See your doctor for some.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the ZOG anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hey NCKnight, How do you know Pastor Robb isn't a Jew who started a Klan to keep tabs on Klansmen? LOL

Anonymous said...

NCKnight I got a little X-mas song for you.
"Oh you better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout I am tellin' you why. The Jews are coming to town. They see you when your sleeping they know when your awake they know if you been loyal to them so be loyal for goodness sake!"

NCKnight said...

For Anonymous - 12/02/07 7:44 AM

1. The Israeli armed forces are among the best trained, best equipped, and best commanded in the entire world. That is why they have always been so successful, even when outnumbered - they really know how to fight!

2. For once we agree on something - I have no more use for radical Muslims than you do.

3. I have already addressed the paranoia issue. You are repeating yourself again.

For Anonymous - 12/02/07 7:54 AM

Read Pastor Robb's post of 12/02/08 9:27 AM . As always, he is right on target.

For Anonymous - 12/02/07 12:41 PM

David Duke's autobiography "My Awakening" has a whole section (part III) entitled "The Jewish Question". http://www.davidduke.com/general/my-awakening-table-of-contents_131.html
He has written another excellent book entitled "Jewish Supremacism".
Also, here is a very interesting article: http://www.natvan.com/who-rules-america/
You want names? Start reading!

For Anonymous - 12/02/07 12:42 PM

ZOG - Zionist Occupational Government

Anonymous said...

NCKnight I totally agree with you on the Jewish question. Kosher Nostra is a scam the jews are placing on consumers. They have rabbis who are raking in millions everytime we buy food and other goods. Anything marked with a "k" or a circled "u" on it is part of the scam. If you folks reading this think that I am crazy here is the website and you can see for yourselves. http://www.aztlan.net/koshernostra.htm

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Jewry to take some drug dealer, murderer, gang banger, who can rhyme words and give him a recording contract and make him famous. Then when that thug is killed they idolize him forever. Like Two pack
Habit(Tupac Shakur) and all these other thugs. Tell me would you honor John Gacy, a man who killed 33 boys in Chicago, if he were a musician? I wouldn't but the blacks and Jews would.