Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let Me Be Clear - Again!

There have been numerous stories the last few days in which I am predicting a "race war." The author of these various articles and no doubt their readers missed the point I was making. I am not predicting a race-war in the sense that there will be shooting and violence directed toward each other. Even though I have made that point clear, reporters sometimes want to "juice things up" by implying that I am suggesting and preparing to start a race war. Such implications from my statements is an outright misrepresentation.

In fact, I have never said (to my knowledge) that there is going to be a race war. What I did say and still maintain is that we are already in a race war. The war is being fought against white people every day in movies, magazines, in the courts, on TV, in churches, trashy novels and in our public schools. At this point the race war is mostly one-sided with the vast majority of white people totally unaware of the designs against them.

The very fact that millions of young people, who have been given a distorted history, now champion the cause of non-whites is the proof of what I say.

Those very same young people who will read this blog have yet to realise how they have been manipulated into hating their own heritage and people - Something their forefathers and foremothers would not have done. The minds of these young people have been altered. Scientists have wondered and studied why certain whales will beach themselves - a situation from which they will die unless they are placed back into the water. I would suggest that if the American Eagle would suddenly begin dashing all their young to the rocks below before they were of age to fly, that millions of dollars would be devoted to find out why these birds would do such a thing. The same could be said for any other creature of the wild. The question would be resounding, "Why are they killing themselves?"

This is the question for us to answer when it pertains to our people. Why are they so willing to allow themselves to be trampled upon? Why do we never hear of brutal crimes committed against our people excepted in isolated cases. Yet, if someone simply tosses out a piece of Klan literature on someone's front lawn asking people to love their heritage and protect a future for their children it will make news and sometimes the national news? Why is it that every foul deed committed by a white person against a minority is given wide-spread coverage, while at the same time there are whole sections in every major city where it is not safe for a white person to travel? Why is it that to simply point this out it is considered hate?

There is indeed a race war being fought against our people!

As to Barack Obama - I want to once again make it clear that any talk of assassination is foolish. An assassination of Obama is the LAST thing we would want to see happen. It would cause a terrible backlash against White Nationalism. I honestly pray that no violence will happen to him. After all he is not the problem! He only symbolize the greater problem affecting our people and culture as was spoken about in the above paragraphs.

So again, pray that no violence comes upon Obama. Also pray that there is an awakening of our spirit and blood. There is no desire for harm or violence against anyone, but we as whites certainly have the same God-given right to love our people and work for the betterment of our people that minorities have.

I know someone is going to say, "Whose stopping you?" With the implication that white people are afforded the same rights as non-whites and any claim to the contrary is delusional.

It's like when you get something in your eye and you can't open it and you begin to flush your eye with water. You have to keep flushing, and flushing until you are again able to open it just slightly. You flush some more and after a while you are able to begin seeing. Sight isn't restored instantly, but it slowly comes back.

This is the situation facing our people today. They have been blinded by false information and a false history. For that reason it is difficult to see the danger upon our people.

I will close with this. Is it natural for any of God's creatures to hate its own kind? When whites give no regard to the survival of their own people and are willing to see them perish - is this natural or manipulation.


Jenny said...

I'm sorry, but You don't really make any sense. It would be interesting to know where you've got the idea that whites hate their own heritage? And I don't really see that there's a war going on against white people anywhere...only war against Man.
I'm proud to be white, and I don't dislike people with another skin color. It is really that simple. A person is always an individual, and should be judged thereafter.

And in case you're uneducated, the Indians where the first to inhabit America, and who cares about them...apparently noone? So all this crap about getting "the land BACK to the whites", is just utterly a blind and dumb statement.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the assassination issue. White brothers and sisters if we should learn anything from the '60's, it is that killing someone only furthers their cause. Look at M.L. King he is immortalized and worshipped by Negroes because he was murdered. All the bad this man did is irrelevant to them. Three communist party members were murdered, Mickey Schwerner and his gang trying to recruit more communists in Mississippi. The police killed them and now they are now idolized as heroes. If you want to do something positive, then VOTE! Vote against communism. Vote for the Knights Party. Vote the communist liberals out of Congress. But if you do violence then you can expect more of what you are getting now!!!

Nordic2005 said...

Someone has said that the true opposite of love is indifference.

Love means wanting to preserve what is good and beautiful in the mind of the beholder.

If you love the countryside, you do not want to put concrete parking lots and high-rise buildings there. A person always wants to preserve what they love.

When a person puts the supposed interests and culture of another people above his own within his own land and borders, allowing aliens to dominate and rule therein, this is hatred of one's own people, in that love of one's own is extremely weak or even absent.

What someone truly loves, that he or she wants to see live and prosper and flourish. This is why the death of a loved-one is painful. The greater the love, the greater the pain of the loss.

White culture is the work of the great white men and women of the past: the Beethovens and the Shakespeares, the Rembrandts and the Madame Curies, the architects and scientists and engineers, the folk songs and dances -- literally tens of thousands of white people from the past who gave us our achievements as a race. This also includes, of course, the white persons who are continuing to present us such gifts in the present time, insofar as these are expressing the soul of our people.

Any white person whose culture is "rap" music and its style of dress, and whose intimate relations are with non-whites, does NOT love his or her own people: for love means to prefer and to choose one thing over another. (The folly of liberalism is the mistaken belief that 'You can have it all.' The nature of human life in this world is that Life constantly demands that choices be made, in which one thing is accepted and another rejected.)

But European culture also includes the genetic material -- the biological inheritance that produced it. Miscegenation (i.e., inter-racial reproduction) and abortion and inter-racial adoptions are genocide, and this genocide is a war against white people -- a destruction of white biological identity.

I can study and learn Chinese martial arts or Japanese cuisine, but this does not make me an Asian.

The physical beauty of the European peoples is unique to them and, once again, Love calls for preservation. In this case, preservation is achieved through reproduction, as Shakespeare reminds us in Sonnet 1 (by the way, what is true of a person is all the more true of a race; and Shakespeare says that one is one's own enemy in not loving this physical beauty contained in the genetic code of the individual and the race to which he or she belongs):

"From fairest creatures we desire increase,
That thereby beauty's rose might never die,
But as the riper should by time decease,
His tender heir might bear his memory:
But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes,
Feed'st thy light's flame with self-substantial fuel,
Making a famine where abundance lies,
Thy self thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel:
Thou that art now the world's fresh ornament,
And only herald to the gaudy spring,
Within thine own bud buriest thy content,
And, tender churl, mak'st waste in niggarding:
Pity the world, or else this glutton be,
To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee."

Jacob Masters said...

Jenny... In so far as the Indians are concerned, the only "nation" that was ever taken away from them was the approximate 3% of the nation which they ever inhabitated at a given time. Under Indian law is was acceptable and appropriate to take land from another tribe/nation by force if you were able to do so. Furthermore, Indians only laid claim to the land which they inhabited at the given time. Anything that the pilgrims might have done to the Indians after they got off of the Mayflower was done under the ORGANIC LAW of the Indians. In short, the pilgrims played the game according to the rules, laws, and regulations of the Indians and WON. Have a little spirit and backbone and stick up for your race, heritage, lineage, and for future for your family.

nordic2005 said...

The assassination of Martin Luther King was the key to open the door to the Satanic worship of man instead of God that is the MLK holiday. Let this be a warning to all our people. This idolatry is, in my opinion, the chief cause of the plight of White America today.

I am totally opposed to violence and crime. Nothing good will come of it.

(As an aside, it has seemed curious to me that the letters MLK also correspond to the consonantal sound of the name of the heathen god Moloch, spoken of in the Old Testament, to whom children were sacrificed.)

Anonymous said...

I would not worry too much about Obama. Do any of you know of a black man who has held a job for 4 years?

Anonymous said...

Mark my words the first thing this man will want to do is to make it illegal to offend anyone. To take away our freedom of speech. Either that or it will be getting rid of guns.

Anonymous said...

Never rule out violence. What are you going to do if someone wants to turn this country communist? Let him? NO! At least I am not. If anyone or any party tries to take away my freedom and my nation that I love I will fight for it. Fight for your rights!

Anonymous said...

Stupid white idiots! I have held a job for more than 4 years idiot. If you people would get and education you would not be so idiotic. Good things come in all colors. Blacks will be in Heaven. It says so in Revelations! John saw all races in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

I am not a theologian, so I need to look into the matter of race in Heaven.

But I do know that the 144,000 are strictly of the House of Israel.

I also know that male and female will not exist in heaven, as marriage will not be practiced.

The destiny of the different races in the hereafter will not be exactly the same. The chosen race will be separate and superior even there.

Since there will be no procreation in Heaven, there will not be a race-problem. I am sure that, in the same way, all other earthly problems will not exist in Heaven, such as alcoholism and the death of loved ones.

God's chosen race will live in the New Jerusalem, perhaps, and the multitude who 'washed the robes in the blood of the Lamb' may have different 'living quarters.' I do not know.

Again, I have not studied this matter; but I am sure that the problem of race, as we know it on earth, will cease to exist in heaven, along with all the many other problems that cause human misery.

We will be transformed into creatures superior to what we are now on Earth.

If anything, John's vision in Revelation shows that race-mixing will be stopped by the Almighty before it destroys the races as God made them.

* * * * *

John Calvin saw the 'Elect' simply as Christian believers and the 'non-Elect' as unbelievers, regardless of race or national origin.

Sometimes I have thought that perhaps this categorization is not fully accurate. Perhaps the Elect are certain special Christian believers -- maybe even the 144,000 -- whereas there are others who believe who are not the 'Elect.'

In any case, even if Calvin is right, the Bible teaches freedom to sin or not to sin. ("I have set before you Life and Death," God says. "Therefore CHOOSE LIFE!."

Before Cain murdered Abel, God warned him not to be angry and to repent of having disobeyed. God told Cain that sin wanted to take control of him, but that he could master the situation and keep sin outside his door (i.e., not yield to it). In this sense, Calvin had to be mistaken, or God's words would not have true meaning. If Cain did not have 'free will,' then he could not have repented, and God's telling him to repent would make no sense.

Nevertheless, man's free will is limited, and God does override it whenever He sees fit. God can and does refuse to permit a man or woman to commit a particular sin, if that sinful act would thwart God's plan. (God did not allow a certain man to curse Israel, so the man did not have free will in that instance. Also God did not allow Pharaoh to violate Abraham's wife Sarah -- because, God said, Pharaoh did not know she was his wife (and also this would have harmed God's plan for His Chosen People). God is still all-powerful!

Nor do I agree with the belief that human free will means God's omnipotence is in any way inherently limited or diminished. Only if God, a supernatural Being, exists can there be free will. If the world is purely mechanical, without a supernatural Almighty Creator, there could be no free will.

As part of God's Plan, He permits sin. This is the meaning of free will. It is because God is all-powerful that He can afford to permit sin and then destroy it in the end.

Determinism suited Atheists and communists just fine. Freud, and Einstein, and Marx, and other Atheist Jews loved determinism, and preached it. The determinist can truly say, 'The "Devil" made me do it.' I would go so far as to say that the doctrine of determinism in matters of human morals is of the devil.

How this applies to matters of personal salvation, I am not qualified to say. But on the earthly plane, the power to refuse to sin, although limited by human weakness, exists in some degree.