Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Questions From a Poster.

The following was entered as a comment on my blog. I will answer each question as per his or her request.

Dear Mr. Thomas Robb,I am in a University Course on Race, and I am very intrigued by your opinions. Could you please answer the following questions for me?

1) What is your view on race? Do you believe there is a racial hierarchy?

2) Do you believe there should be laws within the US that favor white citizens over black citizens?

3) How would you define racism?

4) Do you think racism exists within the US?

5) What do you think of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama? If he was white, would you vote for him?Thank you very much, and I would appreciate your responses as soon as possible.

1) I believe each race is unique and beautiful as created by God. Therefore I believe and support racial diversity. Each race is different and this difference should be embraced. You will have to define in what way you mean hierarchy.

2) No. I believe in equal rights for all and special privileges for none.

3) I believe most people would define racism as a hatred for other races.

4) That is a silly question. It is like asking "Do you think some people in the United States dislike cabbage."

5) I would not vote Obama even if he were white. I do not support Marxists.

The question I have for the poster of this comment, "Do you think that the fact that Obama is receiving about 95% of the black vote, would that make them racist?


Anonymous said...

Your comments are the exact reason that groups like the klan are extinct. You are not a christian , you have a physclogical disorder that is meshed and covered by christiainity and is rejected by the nation.

Unfortunately all your actions will be in vain and rejected by main stream America

Anonymous said...

Pastor Robb, I am not the poster of those questions but I am wondering about the question you posted at the end.

You are saying that Obama got 95% of the black vote and therefore does the poster consider those people to be racist? My question to you is, you are telling poeple to vote White, stand up for your race, have pride...etc. So, does that make YOU racist??? It seems to me you are calling those 95% of African American voters racist so considering you have White Pride and would never vote for Obama, doesn't that make you racist as well?

Anonymous said...

Pastor Robb,
Black people ALWAYS vote democratic. It is in their economic interest. So when they mostly favor the democratic presidential candidate this year, why do you think it's any different from any other years? When was the last time they voted for any other party anyways?

Secondly, they are entitled to the black pride that comes with voting for the first black president, as you are entitled to white pride.

RCakia said...

Entitled to white pride? Really? What do you suppose the media would have reported and the world would have thought if 95% of white people voted for anyone other than Obama? I would also challenge anyone to show any other election where as many states had a 95% democratic vote by black people.