Monday, November 3, 2008


Barack Obama has been telling the American voters that he has no connection to ACORN. ACORN is an acronym for American Community Organizations for Reform Now. It is over the edge in its support for leftest causes and the majority of those who identify themselves as Conservatives have suggested that they are really nothing more than a bunch of Marxists.

OK, maybe I lied. It hasn't been a majority which have openly identified ACORN as a bunch of Marxists But I will! They are a bunch of Marxists. It is a revolution of quantity over quality. Our nation is being robbed from us by a growing number of parasites who want what you have.

And unless we shut down our borders NOW we will very soon be overrun by this human stampede that will destroy this Republic and will take from you what they could not produce themselves.

Yes! I know that it is called hate. But the real hate is to be silent in this crisis that is upon our Republic.

Obama has stated that he has no association or connection to this radical, leftest, anti-American gang of Marxists (You have my permission to replace the word Marxist with Communist if you wish).

But a recent video has emerged in which Obama has promised that ACORN will be in the front parlor to help shape (if elected) his administration.

(And you thought we won the Cold War) - Send a minimum /$45 donation to: Thomas Robb Ministries / P. O. Box 354 / Bergman, AR 72615 and ask for the 5 part DVD series, Did America Win the Cold War? This is about 4 hours of teaching on 5 DVD cassettes showing 18 points of agenda supported by the Communists which have now become accepted by Americans which has lead us into the current crisis.

Any way the current Democratic Candidate is a part of this "change" taking place. At least that is what he has been telling us.

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