Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sodomites Fear the Lighted Cross

A Sodomite web site attacks the American Family Association because it is making available this Christmas the Lighted Cross which is often associated with the Ku Klux Klan. I am posting their article below.

AFA Sells Bigoted DVD &
"Burning Cross" for Christmas!

The rightwing non-profit corporation, and member of the anti-gay industry commonly known as the American Family Association, is selling its unique brand of fear, contempt, and stupidity just in time for Christmas.

The fanatical merchants of lies and distortion are selling a DVD titled, "The're Coming to Your Town." that prophesizes the doom that will befall communities around American when the queers take over.

The AFA fear mongering zeros in on a homo invasion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where god-fearing Christians suddenly were pushed out of local government by pushy and mean queers.
One man on the promotional video says, “Once homosexual activist get into power, they’re not too tolerant of other people.”

Another warns, “If it’s not happening in your town, get ready because it’s going to happen.”
All this misinformation, fear, and loathing can be yours for just $14.95 tax-free dollars!
But why stop there? If the DVD of disrespect isn’t enough for you, pull out that credit card or checkbook and buy an AFA “burning cross” for your front lawn.

What better way to send a message to gays and people of color than to ignite a “burning cross” with the simple flick of a switch.

For a suggested donation of $81.85 you can have the very image of a KKK "burning cross" on your front porch without the treat of pollution or property damage!


Jacob Masters said...

OUTSTANDING IDEA!!! Thankyou for posting, Thom!

Anonymous said...

you guys are MORONS!!!
have you ever read the Bible?
God does not approve of any type of murder or hate!!! It's in the ten comandments! You make christians look like hypocrites!
If you were as strong as you believe, you'd grow up and accept change. You are lucky that God is forgiving. Otherwise you and all your "followers" would have to deal with a lot more than God will put you through. It's idiots like you who keep hate and crime alive.

Anonymous said...

We are the morons? Please give me one example where Pastor Robb has advocated murder. Go look up the word "hate" in a Strong's concordance and then come back and tell me what the Bible says about the word. Why would Christians accept any "change" that is not scriptural? The Lord Jesus is the same "yesterday, today and forever" We keep hate and crime alive? Try telling that to the thousands of white victims of black on white crime and the 34,000 white women raped each year by savage Negroes, like Anne Pressly, poor girl. The male Negro makes up about 6% of the U.S. population, yet commit 60% of all murders, 50% of all robberies and 40% of all rapes. There is your crime moron.

Anonymous said...

See now, I finally found something I can agree with all of you Klansmen on. The sodomy issue. The bible states that homosexuality is an abomnination. Homosexuality and homosexual unions should NEVER be accepted in the Church. This is not hate it is the WORD OF GOD. Sexual intercourse is supposed to be for reproduction and love. When you have homosexuality you are perversing what God has designed. Homosexuality is lust and perversion and is totally against the teaching of God.

Anonymous said...

What do you people care what two people do behind closed doors? Leave us alone! Gay Power!

Blues Preacher said...

Seems to me when Christ wanted to make a change in somebody, he touched them and asked them about themselves. I don't recall any instances of burning crosses in the bible or alienating anyone for their sins. Christ said he didn't come to save the good folks, but the sinners. It's not our duty to ostercise any person or group of people for their beliefs. We can only show them the light of Christ, by being a part of the light. Take Christ's examples to heart and be an example of Christ. These ways of the world are truly foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Is homosexuality healthy? Read this website and find out.

Jacob Masters said...

Anonymous said...
What do you people care what two people do behind closed doors? Leave us alone! Gay Power!

You cant possibly be serious. Homosexuality goes against EVERYTHING that is natural, and sacred. You know what is healthy about faggotry? NOTHING. Its unhealthy for the mind. The soul. The body. The children. Absolutely everything that is homosexuality will only degrade and destroy the sanity and holiness that binds the world together. To live such a confused life must be a terrible burden, so I pray that all the troubled men and women of the world will come out of their confusion and lead a Christian life.

Jacob Masters said...

Blues Preacher... You need to sober up before you start typing. Use your intellect, and not your passion when you post because your not making any sense.

Anonymous said...

Amen Jacob Masters you hit the "nail on the head." That is so true about homosexuals nothing good comes from it.