Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Elected President

It has happened! Yes, it is just as we expected and have suggested for months. Obama has become the first mulatto president of the United States. I know that you have been hearing that Obama would be the first black president. However, you and I both know this is not true. Obama is only half black. Not only is he only half black - he was not raised in a black environment. He was raised by his single mother, because his black father did what is so common with black men that there are jokes about it. His father abandoned him and his mother and Obama only saw his black African father one time when he was 10 years old. The photo at the right shows Obama with his African father.

Is the election of Obama shocking to us? Not at all! We have been telling our people that unless white people begin sticking together this is exactly what would happen. So, for it to now become a historical fact is of no surprise nor did it blind side us.

The ones who will be shocked and blind sided are those who will one day be awakened to what they have done!

But those of you who are are now awakened - this is your opportunity to begin the process of sticking together.

The president elect now stands as a symbol to our people throughout this nation that change is indeed coming. What will it mean for those who are being disenfranchised from the very nation purchased by the blood of their forefathers? It could mean an awakening of our spirit and blood. Every time the television shows an image of Obama it will be a reminder that our people have lost power in this country. We actually lost that power 40 years ago, but with a white president people would go to sleep thinking at least white people were still running things. Now there is no reason to believe this. The betrayal will stare them in the face each time they watch the news and see little black children playing in the rose garden.

Are we angry that 96% of blacks voted for Obama? Not at all! They voted what they felt would serve their best interest. They voted for Obama because he is one of them. But white people who foolishly rejected the future security of their children only heard the sound of the piper.
So we have to admit that this may be the best thing that has happened to us. It perhaps comes as a wake-up call to the sleeping giant deep in the heart of our people.

So don’t despair! Don’t be discouraged! We have been saying this would happen. We have said that there is a growing subtle hatred for our people. This has not been a battle between Republicans or Democrats. This was not a battle between liberals and conservatives. This is a race war - a culture war - being waged against white people. As more and more non-whites come into this country the hatred for the founding people will grow.

The Bible says, "When my judgements are in the land the inhabitants of the earth will learn righteousness."

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If you think it is time for white people to start sticking together. If you want to do something to help provide a future for you children then you need to become part of a movement working for our people. We are not asking you to hate anyone! We are not asking you to commit an illegal act. We are not asking you to hurt anyone. We just want you to love your people and do that which your forefathers did - give your children a bright future.
Click here for application to The Knights Party
White young people who are celebrating Obama's victory, stop and consider you may not agree with us but you have to admit we were right about one thing. We have said that there is the calculated design to get into the minds of young people and turn them away from loving our people. Every time you reject your white heritage you prove once again we were right.
I ask you, What is so bad about loving your people? Black people are proud to love their people, why aren't you?


Anonymous said...

Mr Obama is actually the smartest man to take office since Harry S. Truman. The USA is to be congratulated for having so overwhelmingly voted for the best man for the job. Time will show that this one election was one of the most beneficial for the country as a whole.

Anne said...


You need to wake up and smell the coffee.

This country was not first inhabited by the whites, so you saying that you've lost the power is completely false.

I'm happy to say that I've been an Obama supporter and that there is change.

This whole power issue, you're just starting to sound like another Hitler.

Is that your aim perhaps?

Also, you claim that there is no hate or racism in what you say, but you went on mentioning stereotypes. "His father did what black men usually do." What an ignorant statement indeed. It would be as ignorant as saying that white people have privilege because not a lot of them do, but why confine myself to such an ignorant attitude. It's sad that you have lived in this country, longer than I have, to see the positive changes that have occurred.

I don't know where you may get your facts but this COUNTRY originally belonged to the Native Americans, and the Europeans came and IMPERIALIZED it. Though this happened a LONG time ago, it's better to live to the ideals that everyone is equal. I just feel as if, you're running into an abyss of never-ending ignorance because you find the need to think that your race needs to be kept, and that it's some sort of sin to try to understand other cultures. It's more empowering to learn about other cultures, instead of fearing them, or creating blatantly racist, stereotypical assumptions of them.

I hope that curtain over your eyes opens up.

I attend an Ivy League school, and though I'm not white, I'm glad that I've been able to be part of such a change. This elevation of fear amongst people like you is a bit trivial because why do you feel losing power? Your power is gone.

Nobody really has power--everyone should be equal. This is not a dictatorship of one race or another--this is a country of culture.

Be proud of this country. Be proud you're not confined in withholding your opinions.

Be proud that everyone should work together, and be proud that there will be change.

You KNOW it's inevitable, and that you're fighting in a war that shouldn't be fought.

The only solution that I can come up with for you is to return to Europe, and perhaps, be around the people who make you feel comfortable. Though there, you may encounter the same problems but I don't know what to say.

There's still time to change your ways. Would God approve of this prejudice?

Anonymous said...

LMAO why dont you and your "CLAN" go top yourselves i have had enuff of you and your silly words. so plz stfu or i will stab you when you come to UK



Thomas said...

I am intrigued to read in the 21st century to see still opinions like yours. Do you really believe what you write ? I mean white supremacy etc is so outdated and I must know that as I am german and my country's history went through all of that already.

Why do people like you still try to hang on to power they archived by exploiting other races (native americans, black slaves)? Are you afraid of loosing power ? Or are you just afraid that your point of view might be really just plain stupid and without basic and you do not dare to admit that to yourself?

The future of mankind can only be a working together regardless of race, religion or ideology.

So instead of putting up lame racist joke try to adjust your point of view and embrace change.

Anonymous said...

White America loves a non threating negro. That's why Obama was elected. Even if he got 100% of black vote it would not have been enough to win. There are several islands for sale around the world, why don't you white power fanatics pool your money and build your own nation without the help of black slaves. If you made one country it should'nt be to hard to make another.

Nordic2005 said...

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." -- David Lane

"White children are the children of the gods." -- Plato

We are white nationalists for one primary reason: we love our children and the white women who give birth to those children. We see them as uniquely beautiful and precious. We want them to be safe and healthy and happy, and we want them to inherit the faith and culture that has always been ours by right-of-birth.

Race-liberals are so unconcerned about white children that they allow the State to murder children in the womb -- something Obama will increase, with partial-birth abortions and taking young teen girls across state lines to get secret abortions. Then our 'benevolent' government sends scouts overseas to replace these aborted white children with non-white ones through the agency of inter-racial adoptions. Race-liberals see nothing wrong in this deliberate replacement of white children.

I have never yet met a race-liberal who believes the above two quotes. No race-liberal cares in the least about the survival of the particular beauty of the European peoples. In my eyes, yes, this beauty is superior to the other races. That is to say, it satisfies my aesthetic needs.

I am actually quite certain that just about all white race-liberals, in some corner of their mind, ardently desire sexual relations with the darker races. That is to say, in them animal passion is more important than aesthetics. They find non-whites 'exotic.'

The argument that we need mixing to learn about other cultures is rubbish. I've read book on the thought and listened to the music of all the major civilizations of the world. With the Internet, it is possible to listen directly to an Indian Swami or a Muslim cleric or any other person. There is absolutely no need to bring them to live among us just to hear their ideas. That idea is unbelievably stupid and lame.

One last point: it would not surprise me that in some distant future time the U.S. government will take all children out of their homes and raise them in government child-rearing centers.

Anonymous said...

I think you are now on the way of forging a new nation, a mixed-race totally different from the old one - the white America.
Whites have lost - this is a fact. You have to learn from South Africa (best case)and Zimbabwe (worst case) to live with that mulato or negro president and other high appointed dignitaries.
In the future the productivity of the non-white bellies will dictate the direction your county goes.
More and more blacks and latinos will ocuppy the administration positions, both central and local and they will favor their race not yours.
Despite I am sorry for you I cannot say that is not your fault because bringing so many foreigners in so short time for only capitalist reasons had altered significanntly your nation blueprint. That's your fault ENTIRELY!

Anonymous said...

These people are so hostile! Almost like they are intolerant of your beliefs! I thought they were calling for an end to all the intolerance? Since we can't end intolerance can we finally put an end to affirmative action?!?!?

Anonymous said...

You are a retard AND you can't spell! You should wake up and smell yourself and realize that it is because of IGNORANTS like YOU that make this world bitter & angry. Just accept Obama's victory as another hurdle that we just jumped over and landed on our feet. I must stop now for fear of really saying some mean and ugly words to you about just how stupid you come across.

I hope you get hit by bird shit the next time you're out and about.

LOSER that you are!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem in this country is that the white race has been brain washed. It is good to love your race, and protect your genes. Even the beasts of the wild mate with their own species. It's called common sense; which most people lack now days. I have taught my children that they can have black friends; however, that is where it ends. My children will not mix their gene pool with a negro. I have taught them the importance of being proud of who they are. Once the gene pool has been contaminated it is completely ruined. Why do you think that people want to buy purebred pets? Alot of people don't want an animal that is mixed with another breed. It lowers the value of the animal and excludes it from pedigreed registration, and competitions.

I don't think that black people should be killed. I do think that white people need to wake up in this country, and be proud of the white race. White people should not be ashamed like the liberals have embedded in the minds of young white children. I took my family and completely moved them to an area of town, so that they can be near people like them. For that I have been rewarded: my daughter is about to graduate with honors, and i'm proud to say she is not pregnant, nor does she date outside of her race. My sons are both honor students, and do not date outside of their race. In this day and age of moral corruption that is pretty damn good. What is most important is that they are proud of their culture. It is ok to white and proud. It is not bad to want your kids not to date outside of their race. Don't let the liberals in this country poison your minds. Take a stance against it now!

Jenny, a proud European said...

This is something so typical for Americans (read: white, ignorant people), you've FINALLY elected a president with a brain and then only see his skin color.
McCain already has his other foot in the grave, and what would happen if I he'd just die of a heart attack one sunshiny would have the brainless chicken Sarah Palin as president! Now that certainly would be the most memorable piece of American history. Not that surprising tho.

Be happy that you showed the world that you still are a great nation, now with a respectable president. And please go look yourself in the mirror, 'cause I have a feeling that hasn't been done from your side in a looong time.

Anonymous said...

You recieved your doctorate through "private tutelage"? Its obvious. maybe you should have gone to a real school and gotten a real education. Then perhaps you would not be so damn ignorant. I cant believe people like you and your clan still exist in this country. A lot of the stuff posted on your site just shows how incredibly ignorant and uneducated you all are. I wish that one day you would become subject to slavery.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Robb,

You preach LOVE NOT HATE. if this is so why did you make a racist comment about Obama's Father? You know as well as I do that there are just as many absentee white Father's as there are African American Father's. You want people to respect what you are trying to say and I am sorry sir, you won't get any respect from people with those kinds of comments. It was un-called for and inappropriate. You should apoligize. You are sterotyping and entire race and you know you don't agree when that happenns to the White race. There are millions of hard working, loving African American Fathers as well as millions of hard working white Fathers

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

The bountiful benefits of an American state education amply demonstrated here I see if these comments are anything to go by.

YHVH bless Mr Robb.

Anonymous said...

To Thomas: Your German ancestors enslaved & killed my Polish ancestors, so I guess you owe me reparations because they were victimized. Also, I'm a victim, and I deserve special treatment from you & all Germans to counteract your prejudice against me. My ancestors had nothing to do with "black slaves" and "Native Americans." We weren't here yet. You hate anyone who's not German, let alone black, hypocrite. Don't try to make up an excuse, like it won't happen again. It already is. Some, not all, blacks would love to kill you, because they are prejudiced against you, whitey. Mostly they just kill each other, so you've got a lot in common with them. You should also defend the Muslims who want to kill you. They're not prejudice like you are about race. They just don't like your religion, that's all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

geesh you disgust me i hate to tell you but god made evenyone equal the bible says so do not judge least you be judged how dare you call yourself a pastor god doesn't judge for skin color he judges based on sin not whites sin just as much as black asians latinos whites came to america and killed and raped native americans are you proud of that? i bet you are... when obama changed the world for the better i will laugh at imbeciles like yourself i hope god truely sees you for the devils minion that you are and punishes you for it oh and to the lady who's chilren are so "wonderful" for living in a white area how about this i graduated with honors from yale and i lived in a area that houses a great deal of african americans i'm not pregnant nor did i ever get pregnant i will laugh the day your precious daughter gets knocked up rebelling behind mommy and daddys back by sleeping with a african american man =)

Anonymous said...

damn.. you're sick!! I mean it!.. You SERIOUSLY need help!!.. as soon as possible..GET A LIFE..I hope you break your leg while going to sleep!!!..

Anonymous said...

Seriously, are you TRYING to make yourself look stupid? Even ignoring the bad spelling and grammar, you come across as seriously dumb. If - indeed - this is not some sort of high comedy. In which case you have succeded; there's quite a lot of people chuckling over your text.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha!!!!! Respect your BLACK PRESIDENT you faggot! and if you dont like it...move away!!!! This country is not white no more!

Anonymous said...

When the slaves were freed by Lincoln in 1865 after the civil war; they should have been sent back to Africa!!! We should have never let non-white immigration enter into OUR country. The term every man is created equal, was referring to WHITE MEN!!! Think about it, who was here at the time that was written, the whites, the blacks, the Indians, and the mexicans. It did NOT refer to the blacks, they were just slaves, thought of as animals. It did not refer to the indians, they were considered savages we were at war with. It did not refer to the Mexicans, they were no part of anything of ours. It ONLY referred to the WHITE MAN. It is taken out of context in todays society. Thomas Robb and people like him are the hope of our WHITE RACE!!! Robb for President 2012!!! I know that would never happen. David Duke ran in '89, he did not make it passed the primaries, but I voted for him!!! WPWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, something is wrong with you. I had to find this website after what I read about your blog in the paper. First you state that he's mulatto so he's not the first BLACK president. And you also state that he was raised by his WHITE grandparents. So why is it that black people are voting for what was in their best interest yet whites aren't if Barack is both? So what are you saying? You want to make sure we know he's mulatto but that it's wrong for a white person to vote for someone who is half white? To believe in someone who is half white? And what are you talking about the blood your forefathers shed in purchasing this land? Are you kidding me? Your forefathers killed a plethora of Native Indians because they wanted to steal their land. And then your forefathers go to take Africans to come to this country and build it. So seriously give me a break. You can have pride in your kind, whether your black, white, hispanic, or asian. In NY alone many different cultures have parades dispalying thier pride, but a lot of whites are about HATE. PURE HATE. There is a big difference between pride and hate. I watched a lady on TV who said "If Obama wins, the black will take over" This country NEVER belonged to white people. If you believe that you are kidding yourself. Your forefathers were thieves.

Anonymous said...

Where are all of your supporters? I just read all of the comments and I can count on one hand how many people agree with you? People like you are afraid. I can't wait for the day that this country is so mixed that people with your way of thinking don't exist anymore. It ain't 1960 anymore. We OVERCAME that!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes Robb seriously needs to read Soldies of Paradise by Paul Park.

The Ex-Mrs Hunt said...

Good morning Mr. Robb. I live here in Boone. I hired your son as my lawyer a few years ago..I know your family pretty well. So therefore, I know that you are a very educated individual. What these people posting on here can not seem to understand is that the only real education comes from history. Basically, you learn from the past. I've always been told that in order to succeed, you must first learn from your mistakes...I guess there are a LOT of people who are about to learn a HARD lesson about their new President-elect. Mr. Robb, it's starting to look awfully grim to me here in the US since November 4th. I'm just glad I didn't vote for Obama...There were lots of things that stood out in my mind when I went to vote. One, Obama, Two, Hussein..? As in Sadam..? and Three, KENYA??? Who the heck nominated this guy again? Please, for the love of God Mr. Robb...send someone to run for President that is actually American-made, or at least SOUNDS American. (You should check with my lawyer...he would make an awesome addition to the White House-he's a "HELL of a FIGHTER" and at least he's 100% white)
X's & O's to you...We love you here in OUR town!

Anonymous said...

to be honest i have one thing to say:"look at yourselves you are all white and coloured" my point is we humans are all the same.

Anonymous said...

"Stop judging, that you may not be judged.

For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you.

Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?

How can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove that splinter from your eye,' while the wooden beam is in your eye?

You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye.

Anonymous said...

This whole election just goes to show what a bunch of sheep black people are. They follow whoever the Democratic party gives them. They have no common sense to vote for anyone else. Because, as they say, "D demacwats for d workin man" Yet many of them do not work. The democrats are for the bums who dont want to work. Blacks talk of freedom but they vote for the liberals who want to take away our freedom. Deep down I think blacks still want to be slaves and this mentality shows it.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry blacks are a genocidal race. They will eventually exterminate themselves.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, there is no such thing as a superior race. The writer who compared purebred dogs to humans neglected to mention the scientific fact that purebred dogs that are bred for competition and the most desirable physical characteristics of that particular breed are more likely to have genetic problems leading to undesirable health and personality problems than what you might refer to as "mutts or mongrels".

Furthermore, all races of people belong to the same species. We are all Homo Sapiens. In your ignorance you equate different races of people with different species.

You, of course, have the right to believe whatever you wish. However, that doesn't make your position true. Just a few centuries ago most people truly believed that the Earth was flat. But, that didn't make it so!

As a race, Caucasian people are no better nor no worse than other races. We're all human beings.

I am a white, American male of European decent. Chances are that I also have the blood of other races coursing through my veins, though one wouldn't think that by my appearance alone. You also likely have the genes of other races in your DNA.

As we humans evolve as a species you can be sure that we will continue to be more mongrels than purebred.

If you wish to stick with the "white only" mentality, feel free to do so. Perhaps ignorance is bliss for you.

In the final analysis, however, we are all ultimately one race of people: the human race. Our differences, other than physical characteristics, are cultural, not racial.

Welcome to the planet Earth!

God Bless.........

Anonymous said...

Really, there's no such thing as "interracial dating" unless someone is dating a cow or a turtle or something. We are all one race: the human race.

Anonymous said...

How contrevesial.
Oh, the irony of it all!
Really Mr. Robb, do u truly believe this garbage that you have written. I pity you, Thomas, for you are the Chairman for a nearly extinct group, and yet you fight for a cause, yet to no avail. I'm sorry, but as a 50 year old immagrant to the U.S. and must say that your efforts are pitiful.
On to the flaming, if you will. It is bastards like you that make me sick to my stomach.
Hopefully, God will view all this as ignorance and if your licky, you will be spared from Hell.

Anonymous said...

do you have permission to use that picture, i would advise u to remove it

Anonymous said...

You and your KKK friends should go die in a hole. Know one wants you hear, we have moved on from segreation.