Monday, September 3, 2007

Great Congress Photos

I am posting some pictures from congress. I think you can tell what the pictures are without me taking the time to describe them to you. We had two reporters at congress. They did not attend the whole event but did attend a part of it. We continually attract both national and international media. One reporter came from Germany, Stefan Wagner. He represents a large conservative magazine in Germany. The other reporters were Conrad Shaffee and Yasuyuke Oguri from Toyko Shimbun which in English simply means Toyko Newspaper. Traditionally the Japanese have been a very race conscience people and want to preserve their racial identity. They come closer to any other people to recognize our own desire to preserve our racial heritage. Other pictures are of events in the Christian Revival Center. There is several pictures of Heritage Connection singing along with Derek Black of Stormfront.

Above are children doing a children program from things they learned in the children class. We attempt to give much attention to the children.
We were once again delighted to have the Gospel singing team of Steve and Bonnie from Tulsa singing for us. They are always so wonderful. I gave a message Sunday night titled "I Want to Give you Hope" at the end of my message Steve and Bonnie sang - The King is Coming! Everyone was enthralled.

Derek Black is seen here dancing with Shelby Pendergraft of Heritage Connection. Saturday evening we had old time folk dancing on the veranda. Everyone had a great time dancing or watching.
The picture below is Heritage Connection performing Aryan Warrior. This song was such a hit that they were ask to sing it four different times at congress. They have released their first CD containing such really great songs as Aryan Warrior, Eternal Conflict, Free Christian People and Dumb Boy.
I am not sure the cost of the CD. I will find out and post it.

The last photo is of Derek Black at the controls of Stormfront Radio. Stormfront broadcast the entire congress over Stormfront Radio.
We will be taking Derek to Little Rock for his flight back home tomorrow.
I will not be posting on this blog until Wednesday.


Rev. Andrew R. Angel said...

Congress was wonderful, and it was truly an honor to be naturalized amongst my three fellow members, as well as to tour the national office (Shelby did an outstanding job with that) and to celebrate our faith with crosslighting. Keep up the perfect work.

Dr. Pigeon said...

Your "work" is worthless. I hope you keep spending money on trips like this. Bankrupt the knights. Then you will finally be doing some good. Read the Good Book, and I mean really read the Good Book, and you will finally realize that people are people. There is no black, white, what have you. Learn that and you will keep the right to have that "Rev." before your name. Shame on you.