Friday, September 14, 2007

American Forces Occupy Mexico City

It was on this date, September 14, that American forces under the command of Gen. Winfield Scott entered and occupied Mexico City, thus ending the War with Mexico.

The Mexican War began because the Mexican government still made claims on Texas even though it had won independence and had established itself as a Republic on March 2, 1836.
However, by the early 1840‘s there was serious talk on annexing Texas as part of the U. S.
In August 1843, Santa Anna's government informed the United States that it would "consider equivalent to a declaration of war . . . the passage of an act for the incorporation of Texas."

Texas became a state in 1845. On April 25, 1846 Mexican forces attacked American troops along the southern border of Texas. Fighting ended when U.S. Gen. Winfield Scott occupied Mexico City on Sept. 14, 1847; a few months later a peace treaty was signed (Feb. 2, 1848) at Guadalupe Hidalgo. In addition to recognizing the U.S. annexation of Texas defeated Mexico ceded California and parts of what is now Arizona and New Mexico to the United States.

Mexican leaders expected to easily win the war with the U. S. and to recover Texas. Parades, the Mexican dictator boasted of how they would soon occupy New Orleans and Mobile. His army of about 32,000 men was four to six times the size of the U. S. army. Furthermore, Mexican troops were well armed, disciplined, and, above all, experienced in scores of revolutions. Parades also counted on logistics. The principal theater of war would be Texas, hundreds of miles from the populous areas of the United States. The Mexican leadership also thought that abolitionists who objected to the war would demoralize the United States, and a Mexican invasion would be supported by a massive slave uprising.

It didn’t work out that way!

I have a picture of me hold one of the 40 page appeals prepared by Jason Robb. The other picture is the box of copied appears we sent to the Court of Appeals in Little Rock. They should get it today. It is very difficult to get a court decision overturned by appeal, but it can happen.


I received a call yesterday from our attorney in North Carolina with some dates regarding our lawsuit with Rhino Times. (This is a different one than the one we have filed against them in Arkansas). Jason Robb (our Arkansas attorney) and I will be flying to North Carolina on October 4th for a court ordered meeting with an mediator which is scheduled for 2:00 PM on October 5th and then we have a deposition with opposing counsel scheduled for October 8th. We are happy that we were able to get these arranged on Friday and then on Monday to avoid the cost of two trips to North Carolina. This alone will save us about a $1,000 for airfare, car rental and motel expense.

The court has also set December 10th as a court date for trial.

For details on what this is all about click on the Rhino label at the end of this blog. These expenses for travel and court proceeding are going to continue rising. If you are a member of The Knights, a supporter or just a friend who cares about this nation and our people then I ask you to give your financial support to this effort of protecting our freedoms and heritage. Jason Robb is charging nothing for his services but there are other expenses which must me met. I ask for your prayers and support to help us carry on this battle. Either mail a check or money order to: Christian Concepts / P. O. Box 2222 / Harrison, AR 72601 or go to and make a contribution online using your credit/bank card. As you know, we are not supported by Ford Motor Company or any other Fortune 500 company. We have to depend on the faithful support of those who love America.

I know some of you have been more than generous in your help toward this defense. It is just I have no one else to go to.

The White Christian Heritage Festival is just around the corner - October 20. I hope to see many of our friends there and also meet new ones. For more information check out - -.

Also we will be holding our Winter Fellowship Conference on December 1 & 2. We begin at 10 AM on December 1 and end on Sunday afternoon on the 2nd.

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