Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nathan Hale Hung by British

In New York City on this day in 1776, Nathan Hale, a Connecticut schoolteacher and captain in the Continental Army, is executed by the British for spying.

A graduate of Yale University, Hale joined a Connecticut regiment in 1775 and served in the successful siege of British-occupied Boston. On September 10, 1776, he volunteered to cross behind British lines on Long Island to spy on the British in preparation for the Battle of Harlem Heights.

Disguised as a Dutch schoolmaster, the Yale-educated Hale slipped behind British lines on Long Island and successfully gathered information about British troop movements for the next several weeks. While Hale was behind enemy lines, the British invaded the island of Manhattan; they took control of the city on September 15, 1776. When the city was set on fire on September 20, British soldiers were told to look out for sympathizers to the Patriot cause. The following evening, September 21, Hale was captured while sailing Long Island Sound, trying to cross back into American-controlled territory. Rumors surfaced that Hale was betrayed by his first cousin and British Loyalist Samuel Hale, However no one knows for sure.

Hale was interrogated by British General William Howe and, when it was discovered that he was carrying incriminating documents, General Howe ordered his execution for spying, which was set for the following morning. After being led to the gallows, legend holds that the 21-year-old Hale said, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

It is interesting that often his final words are are misquoted to say: I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

The difference being that Nathan Hale freely gave his life for our independence. It was not losing but giving as so many of our founding fathers were willing to do.

We have the Victory Report ready to go in the mail on Monday and should be delivered about 10 days after it is mailed.

We recorded another show for the Global Minority Report radio program yesterday afternoon.

I also spoke with our North Carolina attorney briefly. I wanted to confirm the dates for meeting with the mediator and also for the deposition with the attorney for The Rhino Times.

About the first of October I am going to email to those on our email list a financial report on the North Carolina lawsuit. This will include a list of contributors (initials and state) and the amount received. I will also show where this has been distributed.

We are in the critical stage of this lawsuit. A trial date has been set for December 10th. The Rhino Times still has failed to name anyone and has simply pulled our name (The Knights Party) out of the air for this malicious lawsuit. I expect legal fees to begin mounting fast. At $200 an hour it doesn’t take long to see a legal bill that knocks your socks off.

I sincerely appreciate everyone of you who has given to this defense in the past. Please watch for the email about the first of October.

I won’t be writing on my blog again until Tuesday morning. I appreciate all of you who continually support our efforts for White Christian Revival.

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