Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago Today!

September 11, World Trade Center Crashed from Attack
Today marks the 6th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. There has been much controversy regarding the attacks. The official government version is that it was done by operatives of Al Queda. But other investigators claim that it was a government operation in order to hype the American people into a war against Iraq.

I have many friends who strongly believe that the world trade center was targeted by our own government to bring about the war.

I have read much and heard many promote the idea of it being a government inside job. However, I personally still have a hard time accepting that. Unless there is something I have missed, I think such a massive conspiracy would have had many leaks by now, if not sooner.
It’s not that I am ignorant of the betrayal by those elected leaders which rule over us. I am just trying to be practical and therefore have this opinion that a massive conspiracy as is suggested would have leaks. But maybe not, I have never been in a conspiracy before, except those times when I was a teenager and we would TP someone’s house. For those who don’t know what that means, its when you take toilet paper and throw it over trees and bushes etc. The owner was never happy!

So the Toilet Paper Conspiracy was the only thing I was engaged in. The sad thing about this mischievous activity is that we did it on Sunday nights after we got out of the youth church service. But even that little "conspiracy" had its leaks and we were eventually visited by the Pastor. It seems he didn’t think it was the type of "witnessing" he wanted from us.

So I still sort of accept the "official" line that the destruction was brought about by Osama Ben Laden. We have to remember that we have created some powerful enemies in the Arab world. At one time (prior to 1948) the Arabs were among the most loyal faithful friends we had in the world. But when we embarked upon the path of total and unconditional support of the false state of Israel, we began making enemies.

There is little doubt that the greatest terroristic state in the world today is that tiny Jewish nation which everyday threatens the lives of the Palestinian people. If you want more information about this I would suggest you contact America’s Promise Ministries / P. O. Box 157 / Sandpoint, ID 83864 and ask for their lecture by Dr. Tillawi. I am not sure of the cost but I image $15 or $20 will be enough to help them out.

The Zionist lobby which carries so much political sway over the affairs of this nation demand that we fall subservient to Jewish interests.

Congressman Ron Paul pointed out on the Bill O’Rielly Show yesterday that it is foolish to think that the Arab world hates us because we have freedom. No! They hate us because we are meddling in mid-eastern affairs. We have done this for many years, certainly back to 1941’s when the United States helped to bring about the collapse of the Iranian government and put Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shaw of Iran) in power.

Without taking the time now, the whole affair in that region of the world and the growing hatred for the U. S. even predates the First World War which came about because of growing anger in Britain over expanding worldwide German export. This intrigue in the middle east was to prevent Germany from building a railroad to the Persian Gulf.

Anyway, right or wrong, there are plenty of reasons why the Arab world would hate the U. S.
Did certain officials in our government know of the impending disaster which occurred on September 11? I think it is most likely they did know and in that regard were complacent.

For example Japan indeed attacked Pearl Harbor. However, there is a plethora of evidence suggesting that Roosevelt was well aware of the intention of Japan, and had purposely made the attack on Pearl Harbor soft. Thus Roosevelt is responsible for the death of every American service man who died on that day of infamy on December 7, 1941.

But it was still Japan which attacked us and it would be foolish to think that Roosevelt had hundreds of government agents dress as Japanese fighter pilots, fly Japanese jet fighter planes along with the appropriate Japanese emblems on the side just so he could generate the war.

He could have done it. But it would have been a massive conspiracy and certainly one that would be difficult, in fact impossinble to keep secure. It wasn’t necessary, but it would be easy (and was easy) to lower the alert at Pearl Harbor and make the thousands of servicemen vulnerable. Roosevelt took advantage of an impending disaster and insured that it would be successful.

I think the same occurred on 9/11/2001. Because of American involvment and support for the Zionist state and its agreesive acts of terrorism we now have this extreme hatred in the Arab world. Officials in this government ignored the threat and allowed the disaster to take place. Our focus of blame must continually fall at the feet of our Zionist enemies and not be side tracked into what many people call luney tune conspiracies.

This was done, of course, to hype up the American people and have them demand we enter the war. Something the Zionist has been also demanding. How convenient that the American people were now on the same page as the Zionists.

So it was necessary for numerous reasons to allow this attack to occur. The false Jewish nation needs war to keep up the flow of money.

The attack has also helped create fear in people. It seems like everyday we hear of some terror threat and thus the reason why we need to scrap a little more of our liberties so the government can keep us safe.

Obviously there is much more that could be written. I think is it certain that the government was aware of the events and the attack on the World Trade Center, but I am not so certain that they master mined it.

I could be wrong, after all I am still wondering who ratted me out and told the pastor that I am the one that bought the toilet paper.

Don’t forget the White Christian Heritage Festival on October 20 in Pulaski, Tennessee.

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God bless!

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