Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paoli Massacre

1777 : Redcoats kill sleeping Americans in Paoli Massacre
On the evening of September 20, 1777, near Paoli, Pennsylvania, General Charles Grey and nearly 5,000 British soldiers launch a surprise attack on a small regiment of Patriot troops commanded by General Anthony Wayne in what becomes known as the Paoli Massacre.

Not wanting to lose the element of surprise, Grey ordered his troops to empty their muskets and to use only bayonets or swords to attack the sleeping Americans under the cover of darkness.

With the help of a Loyalist spy they were led them to the camp, General Grey and the British launched the successful attack on the unsuspecting men of the Pennsylvania regiment. It was also alleged that the British soldiers took no prisoners during the attack, stabbing or setting fire to those who tried to surrender. Before it was over, nearly 200 Americans were killed or wounded. The Paoli Massacre became a rallying cry for the Americans against British atrocities for the rest of the Revolutionary War.

The British, however, claim no massacre took place and that the Americans were simply attempting to take advantage of anti-British propaganda.

Yesterday, I was able to get the Victory Report printed and we will begin preparing it for mailing. It is doubtful we will have it in the mail by tomorrow. But I suspect to be able to mail it on Monday.

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