Thursday, September 6, 2007

Magellan Expedition Circles the Globe

On September 6, 1522 the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan circleing the globe was completed when the Victoria arrived at Sanlucar de Barrameda in Spain. Magellan did not live to complete the circling of the globe because he was killed in the Philippines in April of 1521.

The expedition began on September 20, 1519. Magellan first traveled along the west coast of Africa and then sailed west across the Atlantic to Brazil. Magellan was looking for a passage to the east. Finally, on October 21, 1520 he discovered what has began called the Straits of Magellan located near the tip of South America. The Strait of Magellan separates the island of Tierra de Fuego and the South American mainland. It took 38 days to navigate the strait. He became the first to successfully enter the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic.
It only took 99 days to cross the Pacific to reach the island of Guam on March 6, 1521. The waters were so calm he named the ocean Pacific from the Latin word pacificus which means tranquil.

From Guam they sailed on to the Philippines where Magellan was killed by a poison arrow while assisting a tribe of natives in combat with another tribe.

The command of the expedition was given to Juan Sebastian de Elcano who completed the voyage. The only ship to survive the expedition was the Victoria. Of the 270 men who sailed from Spain with Magellan, only 17 survived to return.

With congress over we will try to get back to normal as quickly as possible. There is a lot to clean up, and a couple of us were over at the Christian Revival Center most of yesterday. I have a stack of mail that I need to get answered and there is always study, writing etc. which needs to be done.

Last night I watched the Republican debate from New Hampshire. I am doubtful of most candidates, however, Ron Paul seems to be different. He has been a congressman from Texas for many years and has always spoken our on issues we would agree with.

The most interesting thing about Paul is that even though he is doing extremely well, the media continues to ignore him. It appears that he is the only one that is not endorsed by the establishment and that is why he is ignored.

FOX News which covered the debate asked for people to call and name who they felt won the debate.

Here is the results of the voting according to Fox News.

Hunter 2%
Tancredo 2%
Brownback 5%
Romney 12%
McCain 14%
Giuliani 15%
Huckabee 18%
Paul 33%

This is typical of all polls which are taken and yet the media continues to ignore Ron Paul. Paul got almost double that of the leading contender.

Sean Hannity and Allen Colmes both laughed at the results of the poll and said that it is obvious that Ron Paul supporters were simply hitting speed dial and was voting multiple times. They are so out of touch with the American people that they can't imagin that Pauls positions are so popular with voters.

Ron Paul’s position is clear and steady: abolish the IRS, abolish the Department of Education, encourage home schooling, secure our borders with troops if necessary and bring the troops home and stop meddling in the affairs of foreign nations.

God bless!

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