Friday, April 24, 2009

He's Baaaack!

Lutheran - You promised not to write anymore, then here you go again with the name calling!

"I am far from losing my wind. Why cast pearls before swine?"

PS: You don't have any pearls! But we love ya anyway! Can I suggest that instead of TALKING about the love of Jesus you should DEMONSTRATE the love of Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Pastor Robb: There is no doubt you are a heck of a lot smarter than Mr. (My foot is stuck in my mouth) Lutheran. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Of course, Pastor Robb is smarter. remember Lutheran is only a mouse!

Pastor John Mulland said...

Your group has NO room to talk about demonstrating the love of Jesus! Burning crosses, hanging blacks from trees, terrorizing blacks. Murder, rape, torture, to name a few things in Klan history. If you think these are Christian things then you are out of your mind!! How can you call yourself a Christian but say you hate Jews or hate blacks? Everything this group stands for is against biblical teaching.

Anonymous said...

How can you call yourself a pastor when you don't even have love for your own people?
And all this stuff about hangings, torture etc.
Have you been watching too much TV again?

Pastor Mulland said...

Sir how can you be so blind to history? This did happen. As for loving my own people I do! Does that mean I must only focus my love on whites? Of course not. That is silly.

NCKnight said...

We do not hate blacks. As for the Jews, you need to re-read John 8:44.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Mulland,

Be honest!

How many Whites have you met who are truly filled with hate for Blacks?

I am not sure that I've ever met more than one or two -- IF THAT MANY!

What I have met are Whites who are DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED that their civilization is no longer strong or beautiful of flourishing and their children are not behaving in respectable or normal ways and their Christian faith is floundering in a sea of multicultural confusion.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian (Lutheran), and former missionary. I speak Mandarin Chinese, and I am grateful for the experiences I had, living in a culture different from my own. Reading through "Lutheran" and Pastor Mulland's comments were disconcerting. Lutheran's comments were downright nasty. One thing that Christians in major denominations tend to do, and I was once guilty of it myself, is try to distance themselves from the fringe groups. The idea is that these groups damage the reputation of Christianity, and by drawing a clear line between the two, Christianity can be made to look good in the eyes of its critics. The problem with this, of course, is that after you have successfully eliminated one fringe group, you become the next fringe group. Today, loving your race is unacceptable. Tomorrow, believing that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine will place you in the fringe group. You can never alter Christianity enough to satisfy its critics. Perhaps there are genuine concerns with the teachings of Pastor Robb. But those teachings should be addressed. Making fun of him while using the name of a famous Christian denomination, and using the title "pastor" is just political distancing. It is a completely useless and unproductive form of discussion.
Finally, as a missionary, I absolutely could not condemn any natives for desiring to protect their culture from encroachment. If a small minority in one country felt that their people were in danger of being displaced by another culture, I would not condemn them as hateful and demand that they accept the presence of the perceived threat. I would be completely sympathetic. If they started murdering the people they felt were threatening them, then I would readily condemn the murder. But wanting to marry your own race, preserve your culture, no. If I can't condemn it for Asians, then I can't condemn it for Whites.