Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Your People

Lutheran wrote again in response to the post I put on my blog yesterday. If you haven’t read it then you need to do so.

It appears he has lost all his wind. Lutheran is like a lot of people who are confused about the world and have embraced the New Age cult of multi-racialism. Lutheran helps to demonstrate to those of you who love the Lord and are faithful to the teachings of our forefathers, the deep deception that is upon our people in this post-Christian America.

It appears Lutheran wants a “fight.” But I won’t give it to him. And for that reason he doesn’t know what to do but resort to childish name calling. As a child I was taught that the moment a person resorts to name calling is the moment you won the debate.

Lutheran can’t make me get mad at him. I have spent my lifetime loving our people and helping them grasp the idealism and the faith of our forefathers. For that reason I can’t be mad at Lutheran. I can only share more love for him and our people.
With that said, here is his reply to yesterdays’s post.

“Once again Oh my! I got outsmarted by the National Director of the KKK. I fell for the bait. My am I dumb. LOL! As for the "don't flatter yourself" comment. Gee I got noticed by the National Director! I am something special. I feel so proud. He spoke to me. LMAO. AGAIN, WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE! You are a nobody and I do not want anything from you. Especially any kind of attention. You are a low life worm. As the other commenter said it. You preach hatred to the few people who even give a crap to listen to you. You say your a Christian but your speech was on a Nazi website. Where they celebrate Hitlers b-day among other things. I hoped I could spread the truth to you and your members but it looks like this is not so. So in closing, I want to tell you that this is the last you will hear from me. But I would like to say this. You can stick your Christian Identity cult where the sun don't shine. I pray for all of you. "Attention Walmart Associates clean up on aisle 7 boys" Go get em klansmen!”

I can't be mad at Lutheran. I can only use this as additional reason to follow the commant of Jesus Christ.
"Love your God and Love your people!"


Proud to be white said...

This guy is the perfect example of reversed-racism. It is ok to say I love blacks but not to say I love the white people. To say I am proud to be black but not I am proud to be white. It is a double standard that we have been taught by the Jews and the commies to hate our ethnicity. Why because whites produce. Whites take over. Whites control. Whites make better. But it is unfair supposedly to the people of color. Yet when the people of color take over we will have chaos.

Lutheran said...

I am far from losing my wind. Why cast pearls before swine?

Nordic2005 said...

"I hoped I could spread the truth to you and your members but it looks like this is not so."

Please, for my sake, spread the truth to me. In one pose, if you can, please tell me what is the ONE most import truth that White Nationalists are missing out on?

My suggestions include these:

Are we wrong to want to raise our children to be Christians and not have them convert to Islam, because Islam mosques are being erected in our homelands?

Are we wrong to want our children to marry only other White people, and not provide us with mixed-race grandchildren?

Are we wrong to want the predominating culture of Europe and America to be Christian and not Jewish or Islamic or some other system?

Where have we gone wrong? Perhaps you will thing that we are wrong on all three of the above-mentioned propositions?

Are we wrong to want our people to listen to music that is European in character and to shun rap?

Does Jesus prefer us to marry outside our race, so as to demonstrate our Christian love?

Please inform me.

Anonymous said...

A quote from one of Pastor Robb's posts: "Lutheran writes again.
'First of all if you think working at Wal-Mart is a middle class job then you have no clue about America. Retail jobs usually do not pay that well. I was being sarcastic about what I said about Wal-Mart workers. It is usually a job almost anyone can do. You really do not have to have a college degree to work there do you? Do you think someone is living to the best of their ability if they work there?' "

Lutheran, America has come to the point where working at WalMart just might be the best that someone can do, even if they do have a college degree. The high-paying jobs that used to be available have been outsourced overseas, at least to a major extent. Prestigious jobs are not low-hanging fruit on trees that you can just pick off as you walk along. You might be surprised to find out how difficult they are to get, if you can find them at all.