Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Newsweek Article

The current issue of Newsweek Magazine (May 4) carries an article about The Knights. I gave it a rating of 6 out of 10 for fairness.

I certainly do not expect a reporter to write a story the way I would, however I do expect it to be fair and balanced. You can read the article by going here http://www.newsweek.com/id/195085?from=rss. The issue with many reporters is that they have a hard time getting over their pre-conditioned attitudes about white nationalism. Many of those who post comments here have the same problem.

The entertainment media (Hollywood and television) has had a major influence in shaping people's opinions. Reporters are like all people in that their image of the world has been shaped by others who have a socialist, global agenda that is radically different that of our founding fathers vision.This news story may have been an attempt at being fair (We'll never know) but there are a couple of inclusions that simply had no place in this article.I will point out two. The article says, "Robb equates minorities to fleas." This statement in wholly inaccurate. It says to the reader that I go about calling minorities "fleas" or perhaps other unsavory names. This is not true, the statement comes from an illustration I was giving.

Speakers and writers use illustrations and allegories quite often to help highlight an important message they wish to get across. This, of course, was the reason that Jesus Christ used parables (illustrations). In fact the full context of the illustration was to show that hatred for minorities is not justified.

I do not call minorities fleas or any other names.

The 2nd issue I would take exception with was the inclusion of the murder of Cynthia Lynch. Miss Lynch was killed by an individual posing as a Klan leader. She traveled to Louisiana to join his group which he was calling Sons of Dixie. After arriving in Louisiana she changed her mind and was murdered.

To include this incident hovers close to "yellow journalism." Yellow Journalism is a term used to suggest that the purpose of a story is not to inform but to mislead.

I would challenge, Ms. Conant, the author of this Newsweek article to find ANY white nationalist organization or members of such who are anything but horrified by the murder of this innocent woman.

To highlight this case and include it with this article is no more responsible than to castigate all police because of the actions of Drew Peterson, the Illinois policeman who is suspected of killing two of his former wives. In fact, a simple search on google will actually reveal more accusations of police brutality and murder against minorities each year than the Klan has been accused of in the past 100 years.

While people quickly understand that all police are not bad even though some are, those in the white nationalist movement have a higher hurdle to jump. The same people who would not condemn all police based upon the actions of one will immediately condemn all white nationalists because of one horrible incident. Rather than simply thinking this is a rare case it instead reinforces what they have already been pre-conditioned to believe. The untruth becomes the so-called truth because of this pre-conditioning.

Does the story hurt or help our cause?

This is a question that could be examined from many perspectives. But I want to point out that those that hate our people are going to continue hating us. And those that love our people and the faith of our forefathers will continue loving us in spite of this slightly off centered story. There is also a degree of comfort in knowing that according to the most recent opinion poll I have, the media only has a confidence rating among the American people of 13.7%. In other words, there is less people who trust the media than trust used car salesmen.

There are always those who question whether we should even talk to reporters. I know it is a delicate issue and one that I always ponder. However, we do get good stories from the media quite often. But I always have to be prepared to get body slammed once in a while.

Ms. Conant was a nice enough person, but was it only "cosmetics" or did her editors have some power in her final story. Also we must consider that she is struggling under an image of white nationalism that has been created and shaped by groups like the ADL, SPLC and the entertainment media.

People (reporters included) often have a hard time shaking this image that has been created by those who are promoting an agenda that is not in the best interest of our people. Also like I said earlier, there are many pre-conditioned opinions which they must over come.

I am of the opinion that we must engage the media when necessary. I do not have the luxury to avoid the media as most of you have. To say, "Have nothing to do with reporters" makes about as much since as telling a soldier in battle, "Don't you know that if you go to the front lines the enemy is going to shoot at you." A soldier, following orders does not have the luxury of making this decision. He just follows orders.

I have learned long ago, that the decision not to speak to the media only allows those with the ADL or SPLC (Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center) to paint the picture of us they want.

I will say this however, many people who talk to reporters, simply need some lessons in Public Relations 101. I could write quite extensively on this issue but will put it to rest for now. I have one last word for my white brothers and sisters who hate the Klan and white nationalism in general. I love your children, and we are working to provide a future for them even though you are not. Not just my children, but your children will also suffer the consequence of your folly.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who hate the Klan and / or White Nationalism, here is a reasoned web page that explains, from a philosophical point of view, why modern thinking on race is "nihilistic" and therefore of questionable morality:


Anonymous said...

If Ms. Conant does decide to respond, I would like to know why she failed to mention that there are well over 200 known, NON related, "KKK" groups in the United States alone? Did she purposely leave this information out so the public, once again, would assume anyone with "KKK" attached to their organization were murderers?

I have to wonder, did Ms. Conant already have her fairy tale written before she interviewed The Knights Party? Perhaps the meal offered was not to her liking and she felt she could get back at the cooks through her obvious inclusion of the horrendous murder of Cynthia Lynch?

Can any journalist truly feel pride their work when they know intentionally twisting unrelated occurrences will gain them undeserving recognition? How could anyone feel pride in them self, knowing the murder of Cynthia Lynch may of sold a few extra copies of a magazine?

It is my opinion that Ms. Conant is no better than the photographers who posed the children for pictures.

Did this Newsweek reporter arrive with intention of finding something evil to report? When nothing but happy, smiling, positive minded Christians were found, did Ms. Conant decide willfully to create the same type of illusion the photographers did?