Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't Flatter Yourself!

This is going to be a long post because of several comments Lutheran sent. But I really have many other responsibilities and cannot spend all day writing on the blog. So Lutheran, please limit your comments to one a day.

Well, I knew Lutheran couldn’t resist. It’s like dangling a piece of candy in front of a 4-year old. He begins by mocking me and how he better be on guard. Well I promise not to hurt him too much for as I said I am sure he means well. It’s kind of like when I pat my 3-year old grandson on the head and tell him he did a really good job picking up his toys, when the fact is that there were several things he just didn’t see. I know he tried!

So here is Lutheran first "Best shot."
"OH my Lord I better be on my guard I do not want to get outwitted by the National Director of the KKK. LMAO. YOU ARE A JOKE! Are you a comedian or a pastor? Can you be any more childish? Cat and mouse games? What is wrong with a debate? I have on many occasions given you verses of the bible that contradict what you say. If I remember correctly a pastor is a teacher. At least mine is. So what is the meaning of Luke 2:39-49. If I am wrong about what I say. Tell that does not prove Jesus is Jewish."

Should someone tell him he is suppose to capitalize BIBLE? Or is using correct English/grammar/punctuation/capitalization only something that we ignorant hillbillies do?

You did a really good job Lutheran. (Pat Pat)

Lutheran offers us Luke 2:39-49 to prove Jesus was Jewish. I can certainly understand his logic. However, he fails to understand what we are saying. There is no debate that Jesus was of the tribe of Judah (Actually some suggest that Mary was of Levi and Joseph was of the the tribe of Judah.) Thereby establishing himself as both king and priest.

Anyway, my dear Lutheran, any attempt to submit scripture establishing that Jesus was an Israelite will find no disagreement from this quarter.

My position as well as that of many others (including M. Fowler Ham the evangelist which Billy Graham claims lead him to Lord) is that those who TODAY claim to be Jews are not racial Jews. Jewish writers such as Arthur Koestler and other freely admit that modern "Jews" are descendants of the Khazars with no racial relationship to the ancient nation of Israel.So, Lutheran, it is not an attempt to deny the Israelite origin of Jesus Christ. It is simply that modern Jews and ancient Biblical "Jews" are not the same people. That is they are racially a different people.

Lutheran writes again.
"First of all if you think working at Wal-Mart is a middle class job then you have no clue about America. Retail jobs usually do not pay that well. I was being sarcastic about what I said about Wal-Mart workers. It is usually a job almost anyone can do. You really do not have to have a college degree to work there do you? Do you think someone is living to the best of their ability if they work there?"

I am sorry Lutheran, I do not condemn anyone who holds down an honest job. Certainly a college degree is a worthwhile pursuit. But what has happened in America where we have developed an attitude that people without college degrees are somehow, less of a person. Everyone has value.

We have become so snobbish in this country that we think that the man who works with his hands, takes care of his family, plays ball with his son at the park on a summer afternoon and roasts a hotdog around a camp fire is ridiculed as a hick. Certainly people should strive to be the best in what ever job or profession they undertake. Certainly a person working at a simple job may have missed out on opportunities to earn more money. But we should not judge someone (I’ll use a man in this example) about how much money he makes, but instead of what kind of father he is to his children, what kind of husband he is to his wife and what kind of neighbor he is in his community.

So what if he doesn’t make a six-figure income. Is he a good person who loves the Lord and teaches his children to walk in the way of righteousness.

In the next comment from Lutheran he says "I listened to it." he is referring to listening to my show on Stormfront called The Political Watchdog.

Lutheran said...
"I listened to it. By the way I work as a paramedic. On the AIDS issue you cannot get the disease from casual contact. There has to be a exchange of bodily fluids. AIDS exposed to the air or outside of the body only survives about 3 seconds. Anyway I agree with alot of what you say. I am a "conservative" too. I know you said you do not like that word. But why the blame the Jews, hate the blacks crap?"

I believe Lutheran is right when he says that you cannot get the AID virus from casual contact. This appears to be the case. However, it appears that blacks CAN get AIDS by casual contact. For example, The December issue of Essence magazine (a magazine dedicated to black people) stated in an article about Black Women and the HIV Crisis points out that AIDS is the leading cause of death for Black women between the age of 25-34. It also says that AIDS is the 3rd leading cause of death for Black women between the ages of 35 and 44. Essence also points out that 61% of all new AIDS cases are from Black woman.

Years ago, The Lancet, a prestigious and widely respected medical journal published in England, reported on the difference of the blood cells between Whites and non-Whites in their March 1987 edition. The gene which controls the structure of blood cells has various Gc classifications (Germinal Center). Researchers discovered people with the Gc1 gene were predisposed to the HIV virus, those with the Gc2 gene offered protection unless their was a direct contact, such as in blood transfusions, needles, or having sex with someone who is an HIV carrier. The Gc2 gene appears to severely limit the ability for a person to get AIDS through casual contact.
Researchers claim those of European descent, who are racially pure, carry the Gc2 gene, Nonwhites carry the Gc1 gene. Those with the Gc1 gene (nonwhites), are in greater danger of contacting the HIV virus through casual contact such as toilet seats, drinking glasses, sneezing etc. Negroes are in the greatest danger of getting AIDS n this manner. Thus the reason for the high number of AIDS cases in the black community and of course in Africa.

Dear Lutheran, I don’t hate Black people and you will never find any place where I said I do!

Lutheran said.
"You know what I like about you is at least you will put someone else's opinion on your site. Even though you disagree. I wonder though why you single me out. There are others who write to this blog, who obviously do not agree with you. So why are you putting me in spotlight? Is it because I come armed with the true Word of God and you do not want your followers to hear that?"

My dear Lutheran you write, "So why are you putting me in spotlight? Is it because I come armed with the true Word of God . . . "

Don’t flatter yourself, I already told you the reason I singled you out. You are my mouse!


Anonymous said...

Black women are more promiscuous that is why they are getting AIDS faster than others. Many have multiple relationships with several men. Because black men don't like to stick around in relationships it seems especially when there is children involved.

Anonymous said...

The Bible is not a textbook on World History. Its history is very selective.

So, although the Bible is essential to understanding the history it provides us, we must also look to secular history to fit these events into the larger picture of World History.

Therefore, the Bible alone does not prove or disprove the identity of modern Jewry as being the descendants of Ancient Israel.

Though the bloodline of Joseph is important, Joseph was not Jesus' biological father in a literal sense. Mary's bloodline is Jesus pure racial descent.

The Hebrews of the Old Testament -- are they virtually identical with the Jews of today?

There is, I have been told, a tiny sect of "Jews" who reject the Talmud and modern Judaism (the teachings of the Pharisees); they follow ONLY the Old Testament. Who these people may be racially, I also am ignorant of.

But the identities of Ancient Israel and of modern Jewry must be look at from both the Biblical and extra-Biblical historical evidence.

Lutheran said...

Once again Oh my! I got outsmarted by the National Director of the KKK. I fell for the bait. My am I dumb. LOL! As for the "don't flatter yourself" comment. Gee I got noticed by the National Director! I am something special. I feel so proud. He spoke to me. LMAO. AGAIN, WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE! You are a nobody and I do not want anything from you. Especially any kind of attention. You are a low life worm. As the other commenter said it. You preach hatred to the few people who even give a crap to listen to you. You say your a Christian but your speech was on a Nazi website. Where they celebrate Hitlers b-day among other things. I hoped I could spread the truth to you and your members but it looks like this is not so. So in closing, I want to tell you that this is the last you will hear from me. But I would like to say this. You can stick your Christian Identity cult where the sun don't shine. I pray for all of you. "Attention Walmart Associates clean up on aisle 7 boys" Go get em klansmen!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. What a self-deluding jerk!