Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Email to Eve Conant

Eve Conant, the author of a recent article in the May 4th edition of Newsweek asked for my thoughts on her recent article. I posted some to this on my blog the other day. I sent her an email last night (May 28). Below is the email I sent her furthering my thoughts about the article.

I am posting it for your general interest.



I have read the story from Newsweek and have posted comments about it on my blog. You can go here to read it: As I told you when you were here I certainly do not expect a reporter to write a story the way I would. I only ask that it be fair.

I must admit though that I grow tired of individuals like Mark Potok being elevated to be paragons of truth and nobleness.

I also find it disturbing that I am accused of being a hate-filled bigot when I have never advocated hatred for anyone. I do, however, see value and beauty in our people and in the eyes of our children. For this I am accused of being hateful. And certainly you can understand the accusation of mendacity toward the media when Negroes and those of other racial ethnicities are encouraged to freely enjoy and celebrate their racial identity, but whites who do the same thing are suddenly demonized.

Can I be so mistaken not to notice the hypocrisy?

Who is the real hater? Those of us who see value in our people or those who see value in no one? Are we to be judge guilty of hatred for merely pointing out the reality that all races are encouraged to celebrate their racial identity - except for white people. We certainly do not have to search far to find clubs and associations based on a persons racial identity. Such associations are to be found among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs etc. Certainly you are aware that there are Black (Asian, Arab, Hispanic etc.) associations for farmers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, school teachers, realtors, firemen, policemen etc. There is even the Black Congressional Congress. These associations of "minorities" are encouraged and celebrated. White people, however, are simply scared to form such groups for fear of being called "racist." Why is this not disturbing to people? Because to even show a concern is to be labeled a racist. We are suppose to sit back quietly while our race fades into the night.

There is even an association for black journalists. Click here: Yet you cannot join a white journalist association. Eve, you could not even begin to start such an organization! You know what I am saying is true! And we are called the haters!

I won’t question your intention to be fair in your article. But certainly you can see why many would raise an eyebrow. Certainly you did not see anyone calling minorities fleas. I dare say you did not hear or see any racial epithets used in anyway. The illustration using fleas was given to actually show that hatred for minorities would be unjustified.

Also the inclusion of Cynthia Lynch in this story was certainly out of bounds. I cannot imagine anyone in the White Nationalist movement justifying her murder. These Sons of Dixie were no more a part of White Nationalist Movement than they were a part of the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. To include them in this article was misleading and deceptive and is the reason people in the White Nationalist movement develop attitudes as expressed by Truck Roy in his speech.

I can certainly understand the difficulty that a person has shaking off the image of the White Nationalist movement that many have been raised to accept without question. But who created this image and why? Certainly you can find the extreme in any idea and philosophy. But the extreme is not a representation of the whole. If your story was going to be about the extreme than it should not have included us. If it was about the whole than it should not have included the extreme and certainly not the story of Cynthia Lynch.

I trust you will not be angry with me concerning my comments about your article anymore than I am angered at you for the article itself.

At your convenience I would be willing to continue this dialogue.

My best to you! . . . Thomas Robb

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