Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Enough of the Foolishness

I am tired of the childish name calling that so many have resorted to such as idiot, moron, stupid etc. If there is a serious comment I will post it. Otherwise your wasting you're time. There are plenty of other sites for internet warriors - so go to them.

I will continue to post comments of a serious nature.


John Birch member said...

Why are we being told by our government and the media that Martin Luther King was a good man? There is so much proof of his communist dealings, his adulterous affairs and such. The FBI sealed his records so they cannot be viewed. Why? Why is it people like us who love their race and denounce King are are called racists, stupid, idiots and the like?

MLK was the catalyst for the communist takeover of America. That is why. You get the minorities to vote for socialist causes and such in the spirit of this man King. That is why he was murdered. The man is a martyr now. A hero to them. He died for his cause. His records were sealed to keep his name in check until the communists takeover. This is why the left wing media loves MLK.

Anonymous said...

Negro pity sells that is why. That is why Obama won. The poor black man finally triumphed against the white establishment that held him down.