Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Hate the Messenger

Below is a recent comment to my blog.

Christians are often offended by the filth generated in Hollywood. Yet, as this filth is dumped in the minds of the movie goer it becomes less and less offensive. When I was a child simply curse words were taboo but over the years Hollywood has helped shape our culture to the point that "mild" pornography flashes across the movie screen. Those who are faithful to the teaching of our fathers and mothers point this out and name those who are responsible. But when that happens we are accused of hatred, even though these Jews brag about it.

The comment below is a perfect example of what is probably a well-meaning person, who is blinded by the teachings of Jewish fables.

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See the reason you people hate Jews is because they do things with their life and have wealth. You work at McDonalds or some low paying job and live in trailers. Then you put on your bedsheets and hide under them and try to scare everyone because you feel tough when you do. Read the Ten Commandments do not covet what your neighbor has.

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The racial reconciliation cult has been worming its way into the church for many years and Christians have often been asleep as their faith been under siege. This is why Christ warns his disciples about the doctrine of the Pharisees (Matt 16: 6-12. This doctrine of the Pharisees is now a part of our culture and his invaded all facets of our society including Christian seminaries and the Church.

Rabbi Marcus Ravage boasted of this Jewish infiltration in the January 1928 edition of Century Magazine. (I have an original copy in my library.)

"You make much noise and fury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws, and your government and the very thoughts you think every day? "

It is amazing that when I point out this enormous Jewish power I am called all kinds of hateful names. Yet the things I point out are only things which they freely admit.

For example, the December 19, 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times printed an article (How Jewish is Hollywood) by Jewish writer, Joel Stein, boasting of the control Jews have in the movie industry. In 1988, Jewish author, Neal Gabler wrote, An Empire of Their Own - How the Jews Invented Hollywood, which again gloats of Jewish control in Hollywood. J. L. Goldberg (Jewish) wrote on this same in Jewish Power (1996) but expanded it showing Jewish dominance in the media as well as its staggering ability to manipulate American foreign and even domestic policy.

So again, it is truly amazing to see their "chutzpa" (this is a Yiddish word that is best translated as arrogant boldness) to admit their powerful influence in public through books and newspaper articles. Their chutzpa is knowing they can freely brag about it and we will do nothing while our culture, our faith and the Republic is destroyed. Not only does it seem our people do nothing about it, but our fellow Christian brothers and sister will attack us for simply repeating what these Jews have already said.

So it isn’t surprising that Jesus Christ warned his disciples about Pharisee Talmudic teachings. The Apostle Paul in Titus 1:14 also warned that we should be on guard - vigilant and not believe or give heed to Jewish fables.

It is these Jewish fables of racial reconciliation and universalism (among other things) that has captured the "Christian" church today and have manipulated it into becoming a mouth piece for globalism and social engineering.


3k must die! said...

You guys are like the Gnostics. A heretical group of Christians. Hey but Jesus spoke of you in the bible. Jesus warned to beware of false teachers. Teachers such as Thomas Robb, David Duke, Don Black. These people twist the true Bible message by taking parts of it but not giving the whole message. These people are not Christians!

KCNichols said...

Some Pastor you are!!!! Titus 1:14 means that you should not believe that you had to be circumsized or follow other Jewish customs to be saved. Jesus is God of the gentiles also. You are saved by your belief in Him. It has nothing to do with liberal Hollywood or any of this Anti-Jewish crap you preach! If you started worrying about yourself and how to help others instead of critizing them, you actually might get somewhere in life.

We are all one race! said...

What do you want then? Unemployed Jews? Jews who you can stomp on and ridicule like you do the blacks? Jewish neighborhoods with high poverty and crime? You probably think Osama Bin Laden and the Iranian President are right about wiping Israel off the map dont you? What a bunch of knuckleheads you people are. You are far from being Christians.

White Power is Gay Power said...

I don't hate the Messenger. I hate trailer trash hillbillies like you and the rest of your Klansmen.

Anonymous said...

We are not trailer trash hillbillies. You obviously have us confused with some of your own relatives.

Anonymous said...

Hillbillies are good people I have yet to meet a bad one.

Hollywood hates anything that does not conform to what they believe.

Take the movie Laveview Tarrace for example. Samuel Jackson was a super racist in that movie yet the word racist was never uttered.

And after seeing that movie I wonder how many whites were disqustingly brainwashed into thinking that interracial marriage is ok. Tv and Hollywood have such an impact on people today that some have given up their own freewill without even knowing it.

How many times in one week do adults or kids come home from school or work and the first thing they do is drop their stuff on the floor or counter and flick on the TV and spend hours in front of it. People are slaves to the TV. Kids see a type of rot your teeth in a week cereal and they want their parents to buy it. Parents sit down to watch TV and see some hot chick or a male body builder drinking a certain brand of beer and wether they know it or not the thought of buying that brand is stuck in your mind and they are almost compelled to buy it. Same with movies like Brokeback Mountain that grossed millions in it's first weekend of release. That movie should not have grossed even so much as a dollar. Yet people are dumbed down to that sort of thing from shows like Will and Grace and those infective after school specials. Why not call it for what it is. Grace and her queer roommate. Because many queers would find fault with it being named that. So get out and enjoy God's creations and don't let Hollywood control you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Interracial marriage, isn't just 'ok', its good! Everyone marry and have sex with everyone!! hopefully one day there wont be such a thing as race and we can all live together in peace as one happy human race. You guys are funny to read about

Obama said...

Hillbillies are inbred, tobacco chewing, right wing, SUV/Pickup truck driving, country music listening, black hating, gay hating, anti-semetic IDIOTS! Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

This is just as stupid as the Black Muslims or Black Panthers blaming Whitey for everything. You blame Jews for everything. You blame Jews for 9/11, the first World Trade Center bombing, taxing food, ect. Any major event is just a Jewish plot to take over the world. You guys are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon. April 15. I agree with you on the TV thing. Movies like Brokeback Mountain are pitched to seem like they sold more than what they actually did. It is a socialist plot for gay rights. It makes it seem like America welcomes homosexual behavior and that your feelings towards them are out of sync with the rest of America. That is the brainwashing tactic with tv. Kids on tv are having sex. Well that must be the in thing. Guys on tv are fags. Well that must be ok. It is a brainwashing tactic. It has gotten so moronic that anti-hunting groups use this train of thought. They claim you are killing Bambi when you shoot a deer. This is just stupid! They want you think that what ever happens on tv must be real and factual.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad Momma Robb, Momma Black and Momma Duke did not have abortions!

Stop our support of Israel said...

The questions I raise to all you liberals and Jew lovers is this: How many more people are we going to let die in our support of Israel? How many more buildings must come down? How many terror attacks do we have to go through? Osama Bin Laden and the radical Muslims hate us because we support Israel. We could save trillions of dollars and many lives if we stop our support of these people! This is a fact.

Anonymous said...

What ever a man sows, that shall he reap.

Your idealism is centered on fear [of becoming a minority], hatred, and blissful animosity.

Your organization is responsible for poisoning the minds of young white men and women. You sow lies, hatred, deceit and manipulation. What then shall you reap?

God loves all of us the same (Jew, black or white)no more or less than the other.

My advice to you is, "Practice being objective." You are very limited in your thinking - it's either your way or no way. What if you're wrong? Have you ever considered that?

I guarantee members of the KKK were not born racist. However, they were raised by fearful individuals, who manipulated the bible and used other coercive propaganda to deceive them.

Be careful, God is watching both you and me...and guess what. He's still in control!

The KKK is not in control. God is in control, like he's always been.

Klansman said...

I am sorry Anon but we are not the ones who are limited in our thinking! YOU ARE! You are when you watch the news everyday and see black men arrested for horrible crimes. When you see the majority of prison inmates are negroes and when you see black neighborhoods that are war zones and ghettos and then say there is nothing wrong. You obviously are not clear thinking individual. I see a problem and I tell others of that problem. I do not shy away from it because some might call me racist. When they start changing their world I will be the first to applaud. Till then I am staying away from it.

Anonymous said...

"I guarantee members of the KKK were not born racist. However, they were raised by fearful individuals, who manipulated the bible and used other coercive propaganda to deceive them."

Sorry, but you're mistaken on that one. From David Duke's biography to Sam Dickson's description of his childhood to my own case of having a staunch liberal Democratic father, I cannot see that any of us three were raised by "Negrophobes" or "hate-mongers."

Even if ALL Negroes and Mexicans and Asians were as gentle as doves, I still would not want to see my race commit genocide via mixing with them. The physical characteristics of our White race are beautiful and it would be a great shame for these to be lost in genetic submersion and adulteration.

There has to be an inborn racial instinct. I have always been an independent thinker and, if I had found Negroes desirable, I would certainly have rebelled against those who denounced interracial romance.

The 'anti-racist' message oftentimes really is (though not for all liberals, consciously) the belief that the very existence of separate races is a bad thing. This philosophy proposes that genetic mixing is good because it will eliminate all race differences and thereby eliminate 'racism.'
One poster on this blog admitted exactly that.

The church I was raised in never spoke a word against miscegenation. The pastor condemned homosexuals but never race-mixers.

The reason I do not like integration and miscegenation -- in addition to the physical destruction of the White Race -- is the cultural destruction. Let's face it. The United States has never produced a Beethoven or a Shakespeare or a Plato. I believe that this is because equality and democracy have been the chief Aim of the nation. In consequence true greatness has been quite rare in the New World -- rare, certainly, in comparison with the Old World, viz., Europe.

Even today Europe is producing one possible classical musical genius (time will tell if his talent grows to that stature), but North America has produced few musical giants.

Glenn Gould was a Canadian musical giant on a par with the greatest Europe ever produced, but even he was frustrated because he wanted also to be a great composer but found the times he was living in (1932 - 1982) to be producing mostly worthless new 'classical music' (beginning circa 1950, that is) and stifling. He died before he could turn his full attention to composing, but what little he did compose showed clear signs of potential greatness.

Klansman said...

Does anyone know why the communists are supporters of integration? Dare I say it? Because the blacks are stupid. They vote one party. And this party gives them handouts and keeps them suppressed and poor so that they depend more on them. Then they try to get the ones who do work to move into white conservative neighborhoods so they can get a bigger percentage of votes. If any of you disagree that blacks are stupid, then tell me why blacks believe that Reagan planted guns and drugs into ghettos. Tell me why blacks believe that the New Orleans disaster was actually a bomb set off by Bush. I had a black tell me that 9/11 was actually a Bush plot. Perfect examples. I do not care what you think of me. Call me racist but what I said is the truth. The democrats keep the black man down not us!

Anonymous said...

Fight for this country and be labeled an extremist.