Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here Mouse! Come and get it!

I am putting on my blog a follow up comment from "Lutheran." Lutheran is a good example of people hearing only what they want to hear. You will have to read yesterday's blog before understanding Lutheran's comment.

"Please do not insult my intelligence. You have never said that? I have watched your show and have read what you say about blacks for a while now. A while meaning a couple of years. You never said on your Klan website that blacks have smaller brains and lower IQ's? You are a liar."

Lutheran has what I call creative hearing, that is hearing things that never were said. The reaction from Lutheran is a good example of people who have been so successfully manipulated (deceived) that they interpret displays of racial love as hatred and then read their own thoughts into it.

For example I don't think I have ever written or said nor has it appeared on any of our websites that "blacks have smaller brains and lower IQ's." But even if I had, does that automatically make me a hateful person? There is no such thing as IQ's equality except on children's cartoon shows. And everyone (Lutheran excluded) reading this blog knows that.

The reason for this blog and our websites is to speak on behalf of our people. Lutheran finds that objectionable. People like Lutheran lack the love of Christ. Certainly they proclaim and beat on their chest (like the publican who offers prayers for all to see) about how much they love Jesus. But we are to judge people by their works, not their words (Matt 7:20). I am sure Lutheran is a good person and means well. However, he is like many who just doesn't care about our people. He is indifferent to their welfare. He is confused.

Check back on this blog over the next few days. I am sure Lutheran is going to reply and I will probably play with him for a few days like a cat plays with a cornered mouse until he grows tired of him.

Remember, Jesus tells us that the first commandment was to love your God and the second commandment was to love your people.

Ok! Mouse!


Lutheran said...

OH my Lord I better be on my guard I do not want to get outwitted by the National Director of the KKK. LMAO. YOU ARE A JOKE! Are you a comedian or a pastor? Can you be any more childish? Cat and mouse games? What is wrong with a debate? I have on many occasions given you verses of the bible that contradict what you say. If I remember correctly a pastor is a teacher. At least mine is. So what is the meaning of Luke 2:39-49. If I am wrong about what I say. Tell that does not prove Jesus is Jewish.

Lutheran said...

You know what I like about you is at least you will put someone else's opinion on your site. Even though you disagree. I wonder though why you single me out. There are others who write to this blog, who obviously do not agree with you. So why are you putting me in spotlight? Is it because I come armed with the true Word of God and you do not want your followers to hear that?

Anonymous said...

I am not an authority on this matter, so kindly allow me to do a little guesswork.

We are all told that the people Moses led from the land of ancient Egypt to Palestine (the Land of Promise) are "the Jews."

These people were, in Scripture, called the "Twelve Tribes of Israel."

Now the modern churches all teach that the Jews are synonymous with the ancient Israelites. This is what I was taught growing up.

But the word "Jew" -- where does it come from?

I believe it is derived from the name of the tribe of Judah.

This would make the Jews only one of the twelve tribes, so they could not possibly account for the other eleven!

Now also, there was the split, after the time of Solomon's reign, of Ancient Israel into two kingdoms, Israel in the north and Judah in the south. In this manner, Jews could claim to be descended from that part of Israel that was the Southern Kingdom.

Or they could be persons living in the New Testament area of Judea?

I happen to believe that the Shroud of Turin COULD actually be Jesus' burial cloth. If so, he was of European race.

The modern Jews are very clearly a people of mixed race. Some resemble blond and blue-eyed Europeans (Paul Newman comes to mind) and others resemble Asia (Neil Diamond) comes to mind, while others even resemble or actually ARE black (so called Ethiopian Jews). In fact, many Jews, like Artur Rubinstein, have Negro-like hair.

Now, Lutheran, how can this people, so diverse as to share genes from all major racial types (Asian, European, and African) -- how can they possibly be the racially pure descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

My guess would be the the ancient Jews were possibly a part of Israel, but many of them mixed in with other races in forbidden unions and are thus now longer the true pure descendants of the Patriarchs.

And even were I to concede your point that the modern Jews are "Israel," what happened to the other eleven tribes?

Secular scholars tell me that there were not a few persons of (what we would now consider) European origin -- Aryans -- living in Palestine in Jesus' time and many believe that He was one of them.

Why argue??? said...

Can you two just get along? The bible says "A house divided against itself will fall". This is what Satan wants. Christians bickering and fighting instead of standing together for the common good. Kiss or hug or shake hands or something.