Saturday, April 25, 2009

Duke Released!

David Duke has been released. It appears that the Czeck Republic is afraid of open debate when it comes to the halocaust. Why are Jews afriad to discuss it? Unfortunately there are those here in the U.S. who are also afraid of open debate! You can read some of the opinions that are on the earlier post and you will see how hateful people can be towards those they disagree with.


Anonymous said...

You cannot argue the holocaust did not take place. It did. Too bad he got released.

Anonymous said...

How much do any of you know about David Duke? Have you read is biography? I challenge you to get to know David Duke. I am sure Pastor Robb wont mind if I put his web address on here.


Anonymous said...

Boo hoo! Wah Wah Wah! They said mean things about my hero Duke. Wah wah wah! Boo Hoo! What a baby! How much hateful crap do you spew? Then when people contradict what you say you play the victim. Get a life. You both belong in prison.

Anonymous said...

If there is overwhelming evidence and irrefutable proof that Hitler and the Nazis gasses six million Jews in the Second World War, then why not let the be an open televised debate?

This would put the "deniers" to everlasting shame and ruin their lives and silence them once and for all, AND it would so strengthen the Jewish cause in the world as to secure it for the next 100 years or more.

There is nothing for Jews to fear but fear itself, to quote one of their heroes.

Cant blame the Jews said...

See your insanity has to kick in doesn't it? It is the Jews fault. It is the Jews fault he got set free. The Jews dont want to discuss the issue. You need some psychiatric help. You are no better than the black muslims who blame Whitey for everything! Hey chump if it was because of the Jews that he was set free. You should be thanking them then! By the way learn to spell.

Christian said...

Can I ask you people a question? What good has this man done for society? Even for white people? NOTHING! All this man has done is spread misery. For all the problems he complains about he has accomplished NOTHING in trying to solve them! Which is all the KKK is about. They are shiftless, lazy, uneducated backwards people. Then they see an educated person such as Duke, who thinks like them and they follow him. They see Jews who are successful and they blame their failures in life on them. What a shame. If you put this hate behind you and get an education. You will go a lot farther in life believe me. I pray for all of you.

Anonymous said...

The story called Duke a former Klan Chief? Klan Chief? What are we indians? LOL What kind of reporters are these Jews hiring?

Anonymous said...


What good does it do to have all the money you can make ('GO FARTHER IN LIFE') or all the fame you can get, if you have to debase yourself for that?

Is a white person's life a 'success,' if one's children date Negroes, listen to rap, and believe in egalitarianism?

What about the white family whose child converts to Islam and marries and Egyptian or African Black? Even if the parents of that child were multi-millionaires, would that be 'going far in life'?

As Tommy James sang many years ago, "Love's the only thing that matters anyhow." For us who love our Race, that love is racial and this means that it matters not how far we go in life if our Race is to die as the price of our 'success.'

Anonymous said...

Go to Israel next time Dave! They will love you even more there! You nazi moron!

Christian said...

How is achieving things in life debasing yourself? Are you serious? Doesn't it make you feel good when you try something and you succeed? Or if you keep trying and then succeed? Yes I think every human should try to acheive and become the best they can be. But I think certain things can hold you back from achieving those goals. I am not saying "you are dirt unless you are filthy rich." But if you find yourself in a low paying job or struggling through life. Then change things. Don't look for someone to blame. This is what America is about, achieving. Remember even the Army says that. "Be All You Can Be"

Anonymous said...

Anon you say that because all you probably ever had in life is your pet beagle, your trailer, your shotgun, your violin (excuse me "fiddle"), your K-Mart wading pool, your wife (who has about 4 kids from different fathers), and your 1960ish pick-up truck.

Anonymous said...

"How is achieving things in life debasing yourself?"

Ill-gotten goods.
Producing pornography.
Acting in motion pictures with Negroes as your lovers.
Adopting children from China, India, or Africa.
Dishonest business deals.
Teaching children to date inter-racially and engage in homosexual acts.
Teaching children unlimited tolerance of other cultures and religions.
Teaching White American children Mexican Spanish.
Telling children that all people are created "equal" and that it's wrong to discriminate.

My I.Q. is in the genius range (officially on my school test)-- though you won't believe it or give a damn. I have not achieved worldly success because I will not work intimately with any persons other than Whites and I will not try to help non-Whites achieve 'equality' in what should be an all-White nation. I will not accept government work and I will not work for Jews.

I want all non-White children to fail miserably and utterly in America. I don't want them to have any social relations with white children.

I will not compete with Jews, Asians, Negroes, Atheists, or any other not-white group, because I do not wish to befriend them or have any dealings or social relations with them.

Any contribution to American society that helps promote the success of non-White person in making a home for themselves in this land is unworthy of my genius and I will die before I help any of them achieve equal or superior social status with White Americans.

Anonymous said...

Any work that weakens morality and diminishes the wealth and power of the Founding European Americans or offers aid, comfort, or monetary/social benefits of any kind to Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Arabs, or Jews is debasing work that helps to put the White race in an inferior position and leads to its extinction. All these things are evil and I have always refused to do them all my life. Only work which is directly good for White people is ennobling and worthwhile; all else is debasing.

Working for the new anti-racist U.S. government or military is extremely debasing.

Building mosques and synagogues and Islamic and Hebrew schools, driving a schoolbus which accepts non-White schoolchildren and brings them into school with Whites -- anything that helps non-whites make a home in Europe and America is debasing.

Anonymous said...

"How is achieving things in life debasing yourself? Are you serious? Doesn't it make you feel good when you try something and you succeed?"

I feel good when I succeed in doing things that do not promote the welfare of non-Whites trying to take root in European and American soil. Otherwise, I am debasing myself. For example, to be a hugely successful Realtor by selling homes to minorities in what was a White neighborhood is debasing.

Matt. 16:26 reads: "For what shall a man be profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and forfeit his life? or what shall a man give in exchange for his life?"

If, in exchange for worldly success, I must promote the multicultural society, no I do not feel good about myself in that.

In this day and age, most of the way to gain wealth result in the loss of life and prosperity for White Americans. No, that does not make me feel good.

Another example, one can make an execllent "living" these days by murdering infants in the womb. No, that would not make me feel good.

The ONLY achievement that would give me good feelings are those that promote Western Civilization and help it survive and defeat its enemies. Anything that promotes the New World Order will only make me feel guilty and worthless.

DAVE said...

Anon 6:27pm AMEN! You hit the nail on the head when describing these people. WHITE TRASH!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am quite amazed at the ill informed response that many of these who leave comments have.
The pro-Abortion, pro-Sodomy, pro-drug, pro-illegal aliens promotes their agenda by painting a picture that all those who love their children, love America and want to preserve their heritage are ignorant, uneducated, trailer trash.
I never quite understand why so-called Christian people want to cuddle up with the liberal media which in addition to the above trash Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

April 26, 2009 8:16 AM You are absolutely right!

The liberal media are openly hostile to Christian marriage and the Christian religion, yet almost every Christian I know, even the fundamentalist "right," devotes considerable time to watching television for pleasure and "learning about the state of the world."

NCKnight said...

Is THIS the best you antis can do? Childish personal ridicule & name-calling? JEEZ! And then you turn around and call US haters?

What a bunch of HYPOCRITES!

Anonymous said...

No just KKK christians are white trash not all!

DAVE said...

Hey NCknuts, how many times has the KKK ridiculed Jews and blacks and Mexicans? Believe me you guys started it.

Trevor Marshall said...

Anon I am someone who adopted a Chinese child. For someone who calls himself a genius you are very ignorant. You cannot even see behind the color of someone's skin or the way they look. I pity you.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Marshall I applaud what you have done. You probably saved a child from growing up in the bondage of communism.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Marshall you are a mushy-headed idiot! What's the matter, your own people weren't good enough for you? Didn't you know that that there are White children all over the world who are just waiting to be adopted? You could have adopted one of THEM you know! But NOOOO - Mr. Bleeding-Heart Self-Hating White - you had to go spit in those White children's faces by adopting a kid of a different race! I despise both you and your equally mushy-headed wife! RACE TRAITORS!

Anonymous said...

Trevor Marshall wrote:

"Anon I am someone who adopted a Chinese child. For someone who calls himself a genius you are very ignorant. You cannot even see behind the color of someone's skin or the way they look. I pity you."

April 26, 2009 6:50 PM

I do not call myself a genius. My school I.Q. exam says that.

I have made ten times my share of mistakes in my life. But the one thing I do not wish to do, and by the grace of God I shall never do, is hurt the future of even one white child.

In any case, I believe, Mr. Trevor, that you are intelligent enough to know that the White peoples of this world are fading away; they are being swallowed up in the great sea of the planet's non-white populations.

It isn't that you do not know this truth; it is that you just don't care. You don't care at all.

I have come to believe that nearly all anti-racist people are not truly ignorant of the fact that European mankind is dying. They believe this to be Fate, and there is NOTHING that man will not accept that he is truly convinced is Fate.

Fatalism is the leading cause of the moribund state of White human beings in the world today. Sadly, a fatalistic outlook is also the most difficult thing to convince people to give up. At least that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

About Children,

I know that this is about to change, now that B. H. Obama is 'president.'

However, even though white children are minorities now in the U.S., the famous children that the American and European public, and especially young girls and young women, have doted over FOR CUTENESS' SAKE have been universally white.

Unfortunately, I have not memorized a list of these child stars (there could be hundreds); I can name only a few.

Shirley Temple
Freddie Bartholomew
Roddy MacDowell
Elizabeth Taylor
Erin Murphy
Elijah Wood
Macaulay Culkin
Disney's Sprouse Twins

Anonymous said...

Oh! And how could I forget these child stars?

Miley Cyrus
The Olsen Twins
Tanya Tucker
David Gallagher
Ricky Nelson

I really am slipping!

Kiss my black butt said...

Lets not forget

Gary Coleman
Todd Bridges
Jaleel White aka Steve Erkel