Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is This the End?

We are a nation under judgment! We are a broken people living in a broken nation.
Lamentations 2:11 says, "My eyes have no more tears, and I am sick to my stomach. I feel empty inside, because my people have been destroyed."

Can you relate to this agonizing statement from the prophet Jeremiah?

The sermon I am preparing for Sunday is titled, "Is this the End?" You can listen to it on Sunday morning at 11 am Central Time. Go here to listen:

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Do the Jews believe in creationism? Tel-Aviv Universtity doesn't.

To Hell With Satan said...

Satan tries to divide on ideology to get us fighting. Racial ideology, Moral ideology, even religious ideology. We need to come together as one. I believe Satan is trying to make his last stand because he knows that his time is limited. I think our world is coming to an end. Think about it though we may be the ones who witness the Second Coming of Christ. That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Last time we had someone like Obama was in the 70's. His name was Jimmy Carter. After Jimmy Carter came Ronald Reagan. I believe things will get worse before they get better and our new Reagan will come.

Anonymous said...

Is your message recorded or do you have to listen at that time?

Thomas Robb said...

The Sunday morning church service from the Christian Revival Center are not being archived at this time. However, we do have someone working on getting this put together so you will be able to play them later.
We appreciate everyone's interest. But as of right now you need to listen to it live at 11 am central time.

Nazi said...

I like you and your daughter on This Is The Klan and look forward to hearing your church service too. I agree you should video record it for everyone to see!