Thursday, April 23, 2009

Political Watchdog

Listen to this weeks program - Political Watchdog - I do on Stormfront each week. I think you will enjoy it.

Hey! Lutheran, get your head out the sand and listen. Maybe you will learn something! Wait a minute, Lutheran - you WILL learn something. It's not to late!


Lutheran said...

I listened to it. By the way I work as a paramedic. On the AIDS issue you cannot get the disease from casual contact. There has to be a exchange of bodily fluids. AIDS exposed to the air or outside of the body only survives about 3 seconds.
Anyway I agree with alot of what you say. I am a "conservative" too. I know you said you do not like that word. But why the blame the Jews, hate the blacks crap?

Anonymous said...


Let's begin on a friendly footing.

I must admit that it sometimes wearies me to repeat this, but since I have not explained this to you, personally, I will try yet again.

This whole issue is a question of personal IDENTITY.

I do not merely see myself as a man (or human being); I also see myself particularly as a WHITE man. That is an important and even essential part of my personal identity, self-concept, and self-image.

I do not hate black people as individuals. Even in the United States' most 'racist' days, certain black people were held in general high esteem among White Americans.

Blacks are only a problem when we are forced to socialize with them as brothers -- absolute 'equals' against whom no 'discrimination' is tolerated. In other words, we are forced to socialize with them in such a way that our White racial identity is nullified.

Thus we are taught that Whites and Blacks are ONE PEOPLE -- only one race.

This doctrine is what I am opposed to, not innocent black individuals.

I think Siamese cats are nice. I would object to a plan to eliminate all Siamese felines, regardless of the method.

Just as tigers and lions and cheetahs naturally preserve their racial identity, so it is natural for a race of people to do likewise.

Every time I see a white young person on the street -- especially a young child -- I am awe-struck with the feeling that the White Race is being reborn or renewed in that special person -- my brother or sister in the flesh -- and all his or her peers.

When I see white elderly persons (whom I love also) in their 90s+ in a retirement home, I see, in these poor suffering innocents, the potential perishing or passing of the White Race.

White children simply must be born to replace white persons of all ages who are departing this world; otherwise the Race will become extinct.

Mixed-race children simply add to the mixed-race population and are only contributing to the death of the European peoples -- and this loss of our genes and biological heritage is painful to those of us who love our people and prefer them to the other races and especially to the mixed-race mongrels.

Lastly, it simply is not true that culture is totally independent of race. Ray Charles, to his credit, sang country music, but he sang with a Black man's soul. There is nothing wrong with this. But the White man's soul is also to be preserved, and this is only possible in the preservation of the physical genetics and biology of the European race.

Organized International Jewry has a vigorous and very determined active Plan to homogenize all the races of the world, and this has been proven in their own writings.

Ken Reynolds said...

You said you have very little money. If you have your people get an education and stop working at fast food and retail jobs, you might have some cash rolling in. You even said on your website that people complain about having to have a high school diploma to join your sect of the Klan. Just goes to show what kind of people join an organization like this. Stupid ignorant people who do nothing with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Did I just hear an ass braying on this thread?

Ken Reynolds said...

You said the Jews or the liberals are waiting for the baby boomers to drop dead. I certainly cannot wait until you do!

Anonymous said...

There goes that ass braying again.

Xhyanghwa said...

Personal identity is overrated. I see myself as a human being and nothing more. As far mixed people are concerned, let them be. You are the only one who complains about it.