Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ron Paul Sign at my House!

I am posting a picture of myself putting up a Ron Paul for President sign in front of my home. There is also one of my son Jason with the sign in front of his house.

This is the first time in years that I can actually vote FOR a candidate instead of voting for what may be considered the lesser of two evils. Every other Republican, if elected, will be just a repeat of the globalist policies of all recent candidates for president.

I am aware that Ron Paul is most likely not a White Nationalist. I have never seen anything that he has said or done which would indicate he was. However, I have never seen anything that he has said of done which would indicate he wasn’t. Over the past few weeks I have read several statements on the internet from Ron Paul supporters defending Paul and stated he can not be a racist because as a doctor he has treated many minorities and in his profession has saved the lives of minorities - "something that a racist would never do!"

The assumption, and it is a false assumption, is that White Nationalists are racist. The understanding of these mistaken individuals is a White Nationalist is a racist. Of course, this is not true! I am a White Nationalist but I am certainly not a racists - certainly not in the sense which it is usually defined.

Across the country White Nationalists are working on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign. But these White Nationalists are not racist. At least I don’t think they are. Even though I am a White Nationalist I can’t imagine that I would ever, or could ever, purposely harm of injure someone who isn’t white.

So just because Ron Paul has treated non-whites and perhaps saved the lives of some non-white individuals does not in itself prove he is not a White Nationalists. Nor does the fact that White Nationalists support his presidential campaign prove he is a White Nationalist.

The fact is that White Nationalist, at least as I see it, are for the most part constitutionalists. We believe in the Constitutional Republic given to us by our forefathers. I have little doubt our forefathers disagreed on many things, but they were unified in their belief that our Constitutional Republic was the best form of government to govern us and to protect our God given rights.

This is all we want from government and it is all that should be expected. We do not need special laws or protections, we do not need affirmative action programs, special privileges, systems to advance us beyond our natural abilities or other government handouts. These are programs that "minorities" evidently need and now feel they deserve by entitlement. White Nationalists are comfortable with the policy of "Equal rights for all - Special privileges for none!

Our support for Ron Paul isn’t based on any actual or perceived endorsement he may have or not have for White Nationalism. It is simply because our commitment to a Constitutional Republic evidently matches his and matches millions of others nationwide.

This is the reason why the Ron Paul campaign brings support from all those who are true libertarians - some of which are quite liberal in their views but are equally concerned about a run-away government which has dumped the Constitution in favor of a globalist agenda. This is why even people like, Bill Maher, the liberal news commentator can say, Ron Paul is "my new hero." In other words, get the government off our back, abolish the IRS, abolish the Department of Education, bring our troops home, seal the border and OBEY the constitution.

Well, it’s New Years day and I am going to go have dinner now.

I am sure I will be writing on this again. I hope you all have a great year in front of you. I appreciate all of you who love liberty and are willing to fight for its preservation.

It is self-evident that we are in a period of decline for our nation when the desire to follow the guidelines of the Constitution is considered radical and is only the agenda of extremists!

If you would like to learn more about Ron Paul, just google his name and a lot of material will come up.

God bless you!

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Anonymous said...

A racist is one who discriminates against another race, not just someone who incites violence or causes physical harm to humans of other races. By deliberately discriminating against other races, keeping them out of your church and attempting to segregate them from your own race, you are in fact a racist. A white father who bans his child from marrying a black person is discriminating against the black person for their race, therefore making the white father racist. He need not shoot the black person with a gun, nor 'refuse to save his life' should he have the chance, in order to qualify for the racist title.