Monday, January 21, 2008

Poor Bill!

Poor Bill Clinton! Give the man a break! This guy and his sweet southern lady just can't charm the Negro vote like they used to.

Gosh, don't these wonderful African-Negroes have any loyalty. Bill Clinton and Hillary has spent a life time serving African-Americans. Bill has even been called the first black president. You would think that they would have a degree of loyalty. But no, the first black guy that skips down the campaign trail and they run away from Bill like a plague. Bill and Hillary are wondering, "Where did all our Negroes go?"

But Bill I want you to know it isn't that they love you less, it's just they love their black presidential candidate more. The black race has always voted as a block. We have to respect them, don't we? After all they are doing what our people should be doing. I recall as a child hearing the older folks say, "The trouble with white people is they don't stick together." This hasn't changed. Negroes still stick together - white people still don't.

Negroes have a sense of race consciousness. We shouldn't be mad at them for it, after all it is a quality that helps insure their cohesiveness.

As the population of white people continue to plummet we have to wonder will white people ever awake suddenly from their apathy?

So Bill, Barak Obama is angry with something you said. Last week they were all over Hillary for the statement she made about how the success of Martin Luther King's dream never would have happened if it were not for the power of Lyndon Johnson's presidency. Of course it is a true statement and Hillary said nothing that is not already well known. But it doesn't matter, like a caged dog that turns on the hand of its provider, Negroes were suddenly demanding an apology. And I am still wondering - apologize for what?

Bill, it's probably too late for you to repent of your misdeeds and come back and join us is racial solidarity. But that is what you should do! That is what all white people should do! Not because it will then be a means to subjugate black people, but because it would be a means to insure our racial survival.

Years, ago I held a press conference at the state capital in Little Rock and during the question period from the media I made a comment that governor Clinton didn't care about white people. A reporter asked me how did I know that he didn't care about white people. I told him, "Well, maybe I am wrong. Let's go ask him." So I went into the capital with about 25 members of the news media following me as I went to see the governor. Bill Clinton refused to come out of his office and sent a spokesman out to meet me instead.

So he was never able to answer my question but over the years I think his answer has been loud and clear.

I know Bill Clinton is not going to read this blog, but if he did I would point out to him that it doesn't matter what you do or say they will not be loyal to you. The black vote will always go for the black candidate. And what is to become of our children when we are hopelessly outnumbered is a flood on brown faces. According to the Brookings Institution, based in Washington D.C. among children, age 7 and under, white kids are already a minority. In America, White people will be a minority in less than 40 years.

What kind of future will your children have?

Do you care?

I am still puzzled. Why is it such a "holy" thing when Negroes, Mexicans, Asians or Jews stick together and at the same time an evil racist and hateful thing when white people stick together?

I want to thank all those who have written or called and told how much they enjoyed the Sunday morning church service broadcast on Stormfront Radio. God bless you all!

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