Tuesday, January 8, 2008

George Washington Gives State of the Union Address

January 8, 1790 George Washington delivers 1st state of union address. The State of the Union took about 10 - 12 minutes to deliver. Recent State of the Union can go well over an hour.
The Advocate is a homosexual magazine published in San Francisco. The December 18th edition ran a full page ad from Ford Motor Company. Ford has been a long, steady and committed supporter of the homosexual agenda. I am posting a front cover of The Advocate along with an example of a full page ad that Ford ran. Ford has a generous advertising budget for The Advocate as well as OUT, another homosexual publication. Ford will also, each year, help sponsor the Gay Olympics.

The corruption of our sexual and racial morals has been the agenda of those that hate Christianity and our Republic.

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Corporation was a great patriot and did much to expose the conspiratorial hatred for our Republic. Much of his research was published in his book, The International Jew. This same information was also published in The Dearborn Independent, a Michigan daily newspaper he owned. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Rand before his passing who as a young man and a lawyer, worked for Henry Ford and did much research for the book.

I have no doubt that Henry Ford would disown all of his descendants who would engage in such an evil practice of supporting the homosexual agenda by means of its advertising dollars.

Ford Motor Company offers to pay the medicals bills for any of its employees who were mistakenly born in the "wrong" body. Ford will pay for mental health counseling, hormone therapy, medical visits, and short-term disability after surgical procedures for any of their employees who choose to change their sex.

Of course the phrase - sex change - is not possible. What you simply end up with is a medically deformed man that has the appearance of a woman or a medically deformed woman who has the appearance of a man. The sex does not change - only the outward appearance.

The American Family Association has led a boycott (which I support) against Ford for the last two years and Ford has suffered terribly as a result.
If you did not read last Saturdays’s blog then you need to do that now. I am posting, in four parts, an article that I wrote and which was printed in the current issue of The Barnes Review. This is part 2. The article deals on why Christian Identity is important to the White Nationalist movement. I want to mention that on Fridays Blog I put the title for part 1 of the article, Did America Really Win the Cold War? That was an error. Did America Really Win the Cold War? is the title to a three part sermon I am giving at church and I guess I had that title in my head and put it at the head of the article. If you look at the blog now you will see that I corrected it, Anyway below is part 2 of this article I wrote for The Barnes Review,

Christian Identity is America's Hope - Part 2

"I want to confess that I believe our people are best identified as having a racial and historical link to those people in the Bible we call Israel.

It is not my intention in the few paragraphs allowed me to present even one piece of evidence which shows this identity. There are scores of books written which demonstrates the historical and archaeological evidence for such a conclusion.

I know there are those within white nationalism that reject the abundant proof which is available. I think one of the great misunderstandings of those who reject our Israel identity is that they think this Christian Identity teaching has something to do with religion. It does not!

Recognizing the racial connection of our people with the ancient nation of Israel has no more to do with religion than understanding the racial connection of the American people with their ancestors in Europe. It is a study of migrations and not a study of religion. Recognizing the American people are blood related to the sons and daughters of Europe is an historical fact upon which both devout Christians and atheists can agree. Likewise, recognizing the blood relationship of our people to those ancient people we call Israel carries no religious trappings, teachings or rituals.

I don’t care about religion. The identity of our people with Israel is simply a study in migrations of people over great periods of time. In fact Jesus Christ said that there were only two things of which we needed to concern ourselves. One: Love your God and, two: Love your people!

And that is the issue at stake. Everyday our people are being marginalized. We are a people in need of direction! We are a people in need of hope! And we are a people in need of rebirth! This is the question before us: Will we find direction, hope and rebirth in time?

I have little controversy with white nationalists who reject our Israel Identity. They demonstrate their commitment to the 2nd commandment given by Jesus Christ - Love your people! While those Judeo-Christians who have little or no concern for our people have broken both! They do not love their people and therefore demonstrate that they do not love their God."
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