Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caucasian Jeans

Well, they arn't really white, but they are jeans for White Folks! Yes, go to caucasiansjeans.com and check it out. These are good quality jeans, American made and proudly displaying the CAUCASIANS label. If you place an order, and I hope you do, be sure to tell them you heard about the jeans from Thomas Robb.
We are into a new week and preparing a Torch for the printer. Hopefully we can get it printed next week. Also we have an edition of The Crusader at the printer and should have it back this week or at least by the first part of next week.

Last night while working in my office I was listening to Stormfront Radio and Theodoric and all the folks at Stormfront do outstanding work. If you have never listened to Stormfront Radio I urge everyone to check it out. Stormfront has music, news and commentary promoting a White Nationalist agenda. Go to, stormfront.org, and when the homepage comes up click on the red square box that says LISTEN HERE! and it will take you straight to Stormfront Radio. I think you will be pleased. Of course we are delighted that Don Black, the founder of Stormfront and Derek Black, who is known as Theodoric on Stormfront will both be at our Faith & Freedom Conference on April 4,5 & 6.


I did another interview yesterday with a reporter from Little Rock. I will have a picture on tomorrows blog. Also I think they will be back up again today because she was interested in Heritage Connection and may want to listen to their music and do a story about them. We’ll see.

If you are unfamiliar with Heritage Connection check them out. Go to, heritageconnection.tv, and look it over. You can also listen to a couple of their songs. They have a great CD with some lively white power Christian music. They too, will be at our Faith & Freedom Conference. We have registration forms ready, so write to Thomas Robb Ministries, P. O. Box 354, Bergman, AR 72615 and we will send one to you.

Those of you who are listeners to Stormfront, need to make a special effort to be here. As I have already said, Don Black and Derek Black of Stormfront will be here and this is a great opportunity to come and meet them.

The Faith & Freedom Conference is centrally located in the country and is only about a 14 hour drive or less from places as far away as, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit (Is there any white people still in Detroit?), Louisville, Cleveland, Lexington, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans.

The Faith & Freedom Conference is held on the private property of the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp in the comfortable Christian Revival Center. There is room to pitch a tent or park an RV (no hook-ups).

We pay special attention to the children. Most conferences have no facilities to accommodate the children. Our situation is different and we want you to bring them with you. While the Faith & Freedom Conference is taking place in the Christian Revival Center we have the Children’s Faith & Freedom Conference taking place at the same time. So bring them along. Here are some of the subjects covered in the children’s conference. Who is God’s Family? Honor your Heritage! God’s Blessings Upon America! How God Protects His People!Country Hike - Looking at the Wonders of Nature.

We have plenty of room and you and your children will be truly excited. I also want to add that during the breaks we have ping pong, air hockey, basket ball hoops, pool and fuse ball.

And did I mention - Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes, Mark Downey, Rachel Pendergraft and the inspiring gospel music of husband and wife team - Steve and Bonnie. This is gonna be great!

Write for a registration form ASAP.

Check out the blog tomorrow.

God bless!

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