Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Right? Left? or Down the Middle?

Political campaigns are a strange and bizarre ritual that reminds me of a mouse running around in a maze. The mouse doesn’t know if it should turn left, right or go straight. You certainly must understand the confusion the mouse suffers as he tries to find his way to the cheese.

Politicians are much the same way, the White House is alluring and they know its out there, but they must undergo this great emotional stress trying to decide if they should go right, left or straight.

John McCain, who won the Republican New Hampshire primary will jot to the left and then out of nowhere make a sharp right turn.

Last February McCain teamed up with Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts to introduce new immigration measures which postured it self as being tough on immigration but had provisions which would allow illegal aliens easy access to citizenship. Citizen status could be reached after 12 years if they met requirements such as learning English, passing a criminal background check, and paying back taxes and a $2,000 fine.

Kennedy said: "Those who have lived here, who have basically played by the rules, worked hard . . . they, I believe, ought to be able to adjust their status. This is a complex issue. . ."

Of course, Kennedy is lying. It is not a complex issue and can be solved by putting a few troops on the border. Patch working will not work. It is like crawling to the phone and barely able to dial 911 so the police can come "protect and to serve" by wiping up the blood off the floor when we know a well armed citizen is able to protect his home more effectively and less cost to the taxpayers.

I certainly have to agree with Penn Jillette of the comedian and illusionist team of Penn & Teller who said recently on the Glenn Beck Show that he believes that there is more good guys than bad guys, so if all the good guys had guns we would have the bad guys outnumbered.

So I would like to see a lot of good guys on our border and if the president is concerned about the cost of putting troops on the border I am sure that there would be more than enough volunteers if the president would call for a citizens militia.

John McCain and the other "mice" running through the maze looking for the big hunk of cheese at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are under great stress trying to decided if a right turn or a left turn would help their campaign.

I recall a few years ago speaking with a campaign adviser for Edwin Edward who in 1981 ran for his fourth term as government of Louisiana against David Duke. He told me that the way a good politician wins elections is to find out which way the parade is going and then jump to the front.

John McCain has made a right turn as well as the other politicians by now presenting themselves as the candidate that will get tough on immigration. But the history of McCain, Huckabee, Romney and the others have been one of ignoring or even subtlety encouraging illegal immigration through "award" programs for illegals.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that seems to be running on principle as there is no evidence that he has altered his position and continually promotes a constructionist view of our U. S. Constitution. Of course this blog represents only my opinoin.

The mice will continue their run until the November elections, jotting right, left or straight way down the center, depending on where they are and who they are speaking to. But what do they really believe? What are they really going to do once they trade in their campaign bus for Air Force One is as great a mystery as an over peroxide blonde trying to remember what her original hair color was.
I am posting the 3rd part of the my article which appeared in the current issue of The Barnes Review to read the complete article you will need to read my two previous posts as well as the one which I will post tomorrow.

Christian Identity is America’s Hope - Part 3

"I know there are those who say that this Christian Identity teaching is of no consequence and should have no part in our struggle for the survival of Western Civilization.

As I see it, and I may be mistaken, there are two groups of White Nationalists who reject this teaching of our Israel Identity.

The first are those who are not Christians and believe in the silly notion that Christianity is a creation of the Jews. Yet many of these same people will welcome Jews to sit in their membership, to speak at their conventions or author articles for their publications.

These non-Christian White Nationalists embrace the teachings of evolution. ?There is no deity governing the affairs of man. We have just developed according to the dictates of evolution.? They sincerely believe that the law of natural selection has over millions of years produced the races of mankind we see today. Congratulations! you are a highly developed form of something slimy that crawled out of a pond!

However, Christian Identity reaches down into the soul of our people and speaks to our heart, ?You are the sons and daughters of God!?

Now which do you think will give greater inspiration to a people looking for direction, hope and rebirth? I don’t care about religion! But I do care about loving our God and loving our people!
The second group of those who reject our Israel Identity are Christian people who teach that the Jews were God?s chosen people, but because they rejected Jesus Christ he has now rejected them. These people generally teach what has been called replacement theology. It teaches that the Christian Church has replaced Israel as God?s chosen people. The trouble with this teaching is how it generally embraces universalism and the concept of a multiracial church.

Today we are burdened down with the teachings of Zionism. It has captured not only our national governments, but our economy, our media and even our forms of entertainment. However the entity which has brought the greatest heartache upon our nation is the Zionist capture of our ?Christian? churches. For that reason, the Israeli government continues to receive millions of dollars from Judeo-Christian churches in America and abroad.

This support, both vocal and monetary, from the vast majority of churches in America, deluded with the notion that the Jews are God?s chosen people, have incredible influence over decisions made by our elected leaders. Not only are these leaders concerned about powerful Jewish lobbies but are equally concerned about offending millions of Christians who think God will curse us if we do not grant every wish, desire and demand made upon us by Zionist Jews. These Christian Zionists are the backbone of the war against Iraq and are now demanding war against Iran - Why? Because, we are being told, Iran has threatened tiny, little Israel.

The power of Jewish Zionists to dictate our foreign policy in the middle east is made possible by Christian Zionists who are bolstered with the notion that because the Jews are the ?chosen ones? we must be their towel boy. "

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