Friday, January 4, 2008

This is going to be just a brief post today. Yesterday we recorded a new addition of This is the Klan for our internet TV program and also a new edition of The Global Minority Report. This is the Klan, of course, can be accessed from The Knights Party website. And The Global Minority Report can be heard on Wednesday nights at 10 AM Eastern Time at 3.185 Mhz on shortwave radio.

Last fall, Willis Carto, the publisher of American Free Press and The Barnes Review called me and asked if I would write an article for The Barnes Review. He wanted an article explaining why Christian Identity is important for the White Nationalist cause. So I wrote the article and submitted it to him a few days later. The article is appearing in the current issue of TBR. I won't have time today, but perhaps I will post the article tomorrow for those who do not get TBR.

I woke up this morning hearing about the latest episode of Britney Spears. While it may be the first reaction to make fun of her and her losing lifestyle. I have to pause and think about the inedible sadness which must be in her life.

All the money and fame in the world will not buy happiness or peace of mind. The Bible tells us that peace can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It's sad that so many people go through their whole lives and never discover this simple truth.

I have to run. See you tomorrow.

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