Thursday, January 3, 2008

Identity Ministry Bites the Dust

James Bruggerman is a Christian Identity minister in Asheville, N. C. He travels to Atlanta, Georgia once each month on the 2nd Sunday to hold fellowship meetings for those in the area. As I understand, his ministry was launched by the late Jack Mohr who turned over his mailing list to Bruggerman as Mohr began to grow old.

I met James Bruggerman in Idaho about 3 years ago and heard him speak. He speaks mildly and yet with enthusiasm. I liked him and thought he was a nice person.

Since that time I have been on his mailing list and for a while was on his tape list. I even sent him a copy of my book Racial Reconciliation and the Word of God and invited him to stop by for a visit if he was ever in this area. I received a nice letter back from him.

However, I was deeply disappointed by a letter he recently mailed to his Atlanta mailing list, dated November 28. Here is what he wrote.

"IMPORTANT NOTE: One of our newer members has a friend from work that they would like to invite to the fellowship, but they said they wanted to know if any of our regulars at our fellowship would have a problem with that, because she is a black woman. I had a chance to run this by only a couple of you orally so I am putting it here in the letter. You can call me or write me with your feedback; or you can mention it to me at this next meeting.
"I think I speak for all of us when I say this: we believe and teach that God created all the races and that He intended for them to remain unmixed. To mix the blood of two races is to "adulterate" the blood; hence, the true meaning of the commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery." That being said, I doubt that I speak for all of us beyond that, because where does one draw the line? In other words, because we do not believe in interracial marriage, does that mean that people of different races cannot ever be in any situations together? Can we be at a basketball game together? A political gathering together? I think so. Can we worship the Lord Jesus Christ together? I think so.

"But I draw the line at dating: NO dating or beyond! If that "line in the sand" is understood, them I personally do not have a problem with worshiping and being in teaching sessions like our gatherings with those of other races. That is the way I see it. You may not agree. Although I am the leader and organizer of our fellowship, I would not dictate on something like this. I do want to hear from you. At this point, nothing has been said to the potential guest.
"Of course, those of you who are regulars recall that we have already had a child of black-white mixed blood in the fellowship on numerous occasions when he attended with his white mom or aunt. That extended family has been a part of our Atlanta fellowship since the beginning ten years ago. I agape-love them and we have all welcomed them to the fellowship whenever they can make it, seldom though it is."

I don't want to sound mean and nasty but disappointed in James Bruggerman is an understatement. I guarantee that every person who attends our Sunday morning church service or listens to our Sunday morning church service on Stormfront Radio knows exactly how I stand on the issues of race.

I cannot imagine anyone having to ask how I would feel about non-whites attending our church service. The very fact that someone in his fellowship asked if it would be permissible shows that race has not been a major teaching of his ministry.

As a minister he has the responsibility to give proper guidance to those in his fellowship. After all if a mixed race child comes to his fellowship as he stated and is in fact "welcomed" I wonder if the same mixed race child, as a teenager, is welcome to go to the pizza and bowling party with the other teenagers in his fellowship. Or would if the mixed-race teenager has a knack with words, will he or she be asked to teach some Bible classes at the fellowship.

This seems to be the trouble with most "ministers" today. Just because someone is a nice person and likes to read and talk about the Bible does not mean he is "called."

James Bruggerman is a nice man. He doesn't want to be "mean" and so he is unable to tell these non-whites "No!" But that is where race-mixing starts. We should not be attempting to create multi-racial churches.

I am going to post this now, but I might get back and write a little more later. I am not sure. Check back and see.


Anonymous said...

Please don't consider yourself called either and whatever you do don't hide behind God or the Bible to spew your hatred! You operate out of fear and ignorance. Don't call yourself a Christian either. You only bring disgrace. Christ died for ALL! The New Testiment teaches UNITY of the body of believers. Get alone with God and get yourself together before time runs out.

Anonymous said...

You call yourself a Christian? What a joke. Ask yourself what Jesus (who was NOT a white man - go do PROPER research if you think for one moment that he was) would have done. Would Jesus turn someone away from his church because they were not of his race? No. He had infinite love for all and welcomed everybody. Don't be a disgrace to Christianity. You are giving God and Jesus a bad name. You seek to divide God's children instead of uniting them and that is something God would never endorse. You preach love to all, yet show nothing but hatred towards homosexuals. Jesus loved even the worst sinners and REACHED OUT TO THEM WITH COMPASSION AND LOVE. Never forget that. I pray that one day, you truly find God and he will forgive you for the ignorant, racist and ungodly propaganda you spew, and his children whom you hurt on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the "anonymous" poster didnt call himself by a name, besides anonymous. I was called when I was a was not until now that I seen the path. I am a white Christian trying to preserve white Christian ways. It wasnt Adam & Steve- It was Adam and Eve. Alot of people these days misrepresent culturial diversity and race mixing as beig hip and cool.whereas it is sin in the plainest sense. If you"anonynous" person cannto see thru need glasses friend!

Chaplin J.A.Long

Braveheart said...

Forgive and forgoe the brash immaturity of the postees who call Thomas Robb one who spews hatred ... Thomas I do not see it that way at all.

I have been known by Christ for 30 years and can attest to the fact that heavenly revelation of the Kingdom and it's way does not fall on one overnight ... it is a lifelong revelation and learning process.

I am of Scot/Irish heritage and of the conviction that it is the will of the Father that we (all races) maintain the integrity of our given race or seedline. We are wonderfully created ... why do we presume to be wiser than God who created us so?

I agree with Mr. Bruggerman ... having a friend or brother in Christ of colour does not mean procreating with them or them with I ... such would be confusion for both races and we know where confusion comes from ... do we not?

Many Christians confuse the issue regarding race and accidently embrace fanciful atheist humanist ideals of one world filled with one race of happy mindless drones worshiping at the foot of the nearest tree or shrub ... wise up guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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