Friday, January 25, 2008

Ten Things Ron Paul Was Thinking Thursday Night

I listened to the Republican debate coming from Florida last night and as usual found it extremely interesting. If anyone is honest and objective they will have to admit that all the candidates did well. You have to be impressed how they are able to spin their answers to sound good for the ears of the audience.

Have you ever seen those people who put a plate on top of a pole and begin to spin it? They will quickly grab another plate and get it spinning and then another. The trick is to keep all the plates spinning without any of them falling off and crashing on the floor.

Well to steal from the song by Jerry Lee Lewis. "Last night I saw a whole lot of spinning going on!"

However, there is no question in my mind that Rudy Giuliani should pack his suitcase and go back to New York where he can float around the ghostly image of the World Trade Center and speak into the empty air boasting to his single digit supporters of how he fought off the terrorists.

John McCain, actually seems to enjoy being on stage. He was written off just a few months ago and was downsizing his staff and now suddenly he is the favorite boy-toy of the war lords.

We were told by, Chris Matthews of MSNBC that Mitt Romney looked the most "presidential." What ever that means. When I look at all the recent presidents - I am not sure that looking "presidential" is a good thing.

Mike Huckabee, was as slick as grease. I might buy a used car from him. Wait! He doesn’t sell used cars. There’s more money in being a Judeo-Christian preacher.

Ron Paul did very well. However there are some things he should have said. Here is my list of

Ten Things Ron Paul Was Probably
Thinking But Didn’t Say

10) Hey, John McCain, you did a better job of serving the country when you were in that Viet Nam bamboo prison.
9) Rudy Giuliani, too bad your mother wasn’t pro-choice.
8) Have any of you guys ever read the Constitution?
7) Hey, Mike Hukabee, I think I hear God calling you back to being a preacher.
6) Wait a minute! that isn’t God - it’s just one of your Jew bosses!
5) Will one of you guys please say something even remotely important!
4) Hey Mike, your yarmulke is showing
3) That's a stupid question!
2) Will someone please come and shovel this BS off the stage.

And the number one thing Ron Paul was thinking in Thursday’s debate was . . .

1) Why am I sharing this platform with all these morons?


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