Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did America Really Win the Cold War?

We recorded another edition of This is the Klan for our internet news program and you can go to,, to access it. Also we recorded another edition of The Global Minority Report which can be heard at. 3.185 Mhz. This is a shortwave radio broadcast heard on Wednesday evening at 10 PM eastern time. It broadcast from Nashville so if you are south of nashville you won't be able to hear it. But north of Nashville, into Canada and across the northpole and into Europe is where you will get reception.

Last Week we began a three part series, Did America Really Win the Cold War? Our Sunday morning church service can be hear each Sunday morning on Stormfront Radio. Go top, and click the red box that says, LISTEN HERE! If you do this at 12 PM eastern time you will be able to hear our Sunday morning church service live.

This week we will have part two of Did America Really Win the Cold War?
I know that we have all been told that the Cold War ended with the collape of the Soviet Union in 1991. To the majority of people it is obvious that we won because the Soviet Union is gone and we are still here.

But it was never the Soviet Union that was our enemy but the ideolog of Communism which controled the political structure of the Soviet Union.
It was this ideology of Communism that threaten us then and still threatens us today.

Be sure to listen to our church service this Sunday for much more information.
I appreciate all of you who are working to preserve America's liberty.

Don't forget the Faith & Freedom Conference coming on April 4-6, 2008. This is going to a fabulous conference with Don Black, Paul Fromm, Ralph Forbes, Steve & Bonnie, Heritage Connection, Derek Black, Mark Downey, Rachel Pendergraft.
This is held in the Christian Revival Center at the Soldiers of the Cross Bible Camp.
Mark your calendar now.

God bless you all. I won't be writing on my blog until Tuesday morning. Don't forget church Sunday morning.

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