Thursday, January 17, 2008

They Will Never Be Happy!

They will never be happy! No matter what you do, how well you take care of them - they won’t be happy. It is like that spoiled child who is granted his every wish - he is given plenty of food, allowed to have all the candy and ice cream he wants, he watches TV when ever he wants. His mother and father never tell him "No!" This spoiled child screams and hollers if he doesn’t immediately get his way. He is never wrong. Whenever he gets in a fight, his mother runs to his side and takes up for him - the other child is always wrong. Her little baby is just being picked on. And nobody better ever say anything against her good little boy.

Oh, yes, he absolutely never has to eat his vegetables.

And do you know what happens? The moment mommy or daddy does say "No" the spoiled little twerp runs away screaming - "You don’t love me - I hate you!"

It seems like this would be the general description of minorities in America today. Take for example the recent incident (and there are others) of Hillary Clinton who made the comment that the activities of Martin Luther King would have never been realized if it were not for a president that pushed through the legislation.

Civil right activists immediately accused of Hillary of "insensitivity" or perhaps even being slightly racist.

Give me a break! Clintons - racist? It really doesn’t matter how much you do - how much you cuddle them, feed them and make sure they have a nice warm place to live and their children get free medical care. The moment you say the wrong word or say "No" you become insensitive, hateful, bigoted and mean spirited.

Clintons? Insensitive?

Hillary and Bill has spent a lifetime of bowing before every demand that is made upon them. In fact Bill Clinton has been so completely committed to black causes he has, more than once, been called the first Black president. But evidently Negroes still aren’t happy.

The fact is they have become spoiled children. Give the wrong look, say the wrong thing, to simply say "No" to some stupid idea that they might have and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and little Negroes around the country get their panties in a wad and start whining on national TV.
I know that someone will read this and claim that I am being insensitive, but golly, if that accusation can be successfully leveled at the Clintons - how on earth do I think I can ever avoid it.

We have a reported here on Monday doing a story for Current News Network. This is a national network and many of you, no doubt, receive it as part of your cable or satellite package. She did a somewhat lengthy interview and then returned the next day and also to do a story on Heritage Connection. I am going to post a few picture taken on Monday and then Tomorrow I will post those taken at the Heritage Connection interview.


JL said...

You are so correct on this topic Pastor Robb. The more and more any entity gives the more and more "they" want. Bill Clinton is blacker than Al Sharpton, as far as helping people. The good Reverend Al Sharpton has turned into a media-whore. I honestly can not think of any good that Jesse and Al have done in the past years, but tabloid tripe! You have God on your side Pastor....thank you.


Anonymous said...

well, jl, as peculiar as your point of view is, it still can be viewed as slightly skewed. You see, the lrd loves everyone. In fact, Jesus was born in Africa, so one cannot really claim that one "race"(which, by the way is a myth) is superior to the next. Think about it. If minorities weren't meant to exist, they wouldn't.
and The Lord thy God never makes mistakes.
So by dehumanizing others, you're insulting God's work.
How can God be on the same side that opposes him?
"A house divided against itself will fall"~Jesus