Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama is Now the New ASN

The buzz all over the news yesterday was the victory of Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the New Hampshire primary. Early polls had shown that Barak Obama would win by double digits but as you now know Obama lost to Sen. Hillary Clinton in a close contest that had all the political talking heads wondering how they
could have been so wrong.

Barak Obama, however did extremely well in a state that has fewer Africans than there are “nappy headed hoe’s” at a Imus fan club convention.

We are being told that Iowa’s as well as New Hampshire’s white Democratic voters have proven that race is no longer an issue among American voters and even though Obama lost, his support was evident.

Both Iowa and New Hampshire have a very low black population and this may account for Obama’s overwhelming white support in these early states. Whites in these states as well as other areas of the country with a low black population, seem to be more enchanted with “wonderful African-Americans” than in areas with a large black population such as Atlanta, Detroit, Denver or Chicago.

Whites in these areas have had a heavy does of African-Americans with much more one on one - face to faceexperience than those in Iowa and New Hampshire and perhaps therefore will be less likely to vote for whatmight be America’s Smartest Negro. (Jesse Jackson is in danger of losing the ASN title.)

With the media anointing Obama the ASN award he is being touted as the candidate that can bring change to Washington.

I am rather doubtful that Obama can continue riding the wave. As he goes into states that have more close-hand experience with Negroes we may see the size of his white support drop.

As we go to Michigan with a high black population, white voters who have had years of close contact with Negroes might respond with a thanks, but no thanks, and put their support behind Hillary. Even blacks are divided in their support between Hillary and Obama. Obama among many blacks is looked upon as somewhat of an Un-
cle Tom while the Clinton’s have over the years shown their support for for the black revolution.

I had several people call me today regarding their concern about the growing support for Obama.

The fact is that there probably would not be a measurable difference between an Obama, Clinton or even a McCain or Huckabee presidency as they are all globalist at their core and back peddle away from a firm commitment to uphold the constitution.

It is the opinion of many in the White Nationalist movement that the election of Obama as president may go a long way to awaken people from their stupor.

There is a sleeping giant laying the heart of our people. This giant has been tranquilized and appears lifeless and dead - but is only sleeping.

Surprisingly an awaken White populous would not only allow us to regain our racial integrity and survival but would also provide greater safety and a brighter future for Negroes as well.

Those who may be confused by the above statement, need only to look at the quality of life that American Negroes have been able to enjoy under white dominated rule compared with the quality of life that their counterparts have in African nations dominated by African leadership. Or a closer example can be seen between the
calm, peace and safety blacks had in their own communities before the the so-called civil rights movement and the debasement of the police compared to the unsafe an violent black neighborhoods of today.


I am posting the last part of the my article which appeared in the current issue of The Barnes Review to read the complete article you will need to read my three previous posts.

Christian Identity is America’s Hope - Part 4

There are only three ways to undermine the power of Christian Zionism.

1) Convince millions of Christians who support Zionism to abandon their religion. This is the approach of many within the White Nationalist movement. While claiming religion should have no part of our movement, they make the central theme of their propaganda attacking the religion of millions of people.

2) Convince millions of people that although Israel used to be Gods chosen people, they arent any longer because God abandoned His covenant with Israel and is preparing a great Gentile church. Of course this is a hard
sell. There are just to many places in the Bible where God hinges his very integrity upon his ability to keep the covenant he made with Israel. Again it makes religion and the proper interpretation of the Bible a centraltheme.

3) Keep religion out of the debate and focus on the historical migrations of Israel and their relationship to the children of Europe. With that understood we can recognize the modern Jewish state to be exactly what they are. Imposters!

There is no need for Christians to abandon their faith and there is no need to play gymnastics with the Bible.

God made a covenant with Israel.

The children of Israel are therefore the sons and daughters of God.

They migrated into Europe and became great and powerful nations.

Each of the three approaches toward the cancer of Christian Zionism will be difficult for Christian Zionist to accept. Their head is firmly buried in cement and we are reminded of the words of Cicero who stated that the power of the Jews to manipulate the masses is impressive.

However, I believe Christian Identity is the only teaching that can successfully destroy the power base of Christian Zionism. White Nationalists who reject Christianity and our Israel identity fail to understand that they will never get our people to turn away from their Christian faith. Why should they? Christianity has been the teaching of our people for generations. It is deeply rooted in their psyche. It lifted them from their dark depressing pagan rituals and gave them hope. It opened their mind and it gave life to their soul. It inspired cathedrals, mu-
sic, art and literature and set our nations on the course to greatness!

Only recognizing our racial identity to Israel will allow our people to keep the faith of their ancestors and at the same time expose the heresy of Judeo-Christianity. It will give them the direction, the hope and the rebirth so
desperately needed

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