Friday, October 16, 2009

Cultural Judgment

OK, I am going to go out on a limb and make a cultural opinion on the story below about Heather Ellis. I going to guess that it is possible that she was just trying to get up with her cousin as she said.

Have you ever been somewhere crowded and some little kid comes pushing his way through the crowd? I have and I know the little kid isn't really trying to be rude, it's just that he's a little kid and doesn't know any better. As he grows he learns manners, patience etc.

Cultural manners among white people are more genteel. When shopping among whites you will hear a lot more "excuse me's" and "I'm sorry's" than you hear in stores that is mostly non-white.

I don't know if non-white's are purposely rude in this regard or not. I don't think they are trying to be rude. It is just they have a cultural difference.

Most likely Heather Ellis just came running and pushing her way through the line (life a 5-year old), whereas a white person is more apt to say, "Excuse me, I am trying to get up with my cousin. excuse me, I'm sorry, Can I cut through I want to get up to my cousin, Excuse me, I'm sorry, excuse me."

It seems that their actions are more immature. Even highly intelligent Negroes reflect an immature cultural conduct.

Like a child they whine at every opportunity. And they keep whining until they get their way!


Anonymous said...

People can be rude and polite given their mood, speak only for yourself. You aren't sociology expert.

Anonymous said...

No blacks tend to think that the world owes them something and that they can get away with anything now. I had the same thing happen. I said "Excuse me! I was in line first. Uh you cut in front." I got a dirty look and was ignored. When I protested to the black cashier the black customer said. "Obama be president now. Get used to it." The black cashier said nothing and continued to ring up the black customer. The manager that I complained to, who was white, apologized to me but that was about as far as it went. Where is my media coverage?

Anonymous said...

Anon did she pay with food stamps?

Anonymous said...

I bet she payed with her link card.

Anonymous said...

Good thing that many people are not like you.

Anonymous said...

NO, I'm not rude, you are! I love africans! AND mexicans, and asias, but i do hate gay people, kind of!

Anonymous said...

Being black with a black president must give you the right to be rude.