Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still Wainting!

On Wednesday October 14th Missouri Synod wrote:

"No I do not hate you. Honestly, I feel honored you did a post about me and my comments. Thank you my beloved Christian brother."

I appreciate the nice comment Missouri Synod said about me on October 14th, but this is slightly different than what he said about me on September 28th.

"Open your eyes man! Look and listen to this. Listen to your buddy here. Thomas Robb is a false teacher too! He teaches race is the structure of mankind. He teaches that whites are better than everyone else. That Jews are evil and are the Anti-Christ. Mexicans are invaders and a burden to this nation. HE IS A HATEMONGER!"

Dear Missouri Synod, I appreciate the fact that you now consider me your "beloved Christian brother," but I am still wondering - where are all these violent white communities?

1 comment:

Missouri Synod said...

Doesn't mean I hate you. I still feel the same way. You cannot even figure out when someone is being sarcastic, can you?